Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT]pldt dsl wifi

R Oct 20, 2018 Review updated:

No dial tone for 4 months, intermittent internet conmection, no customer service support. How can I address my concern if you dont allow your CSR to talk to me. I always rant about this noise and bad landline and internet connection. Your solution to my problem was to upgrade and I believed in you, I spent money for that upgrade and it became worst. Dont fool people to ask money for an upgrade if you dont upgrade your service. I cant remember when was the last time I did get that 1.5 mbs speed as promised in my plan. I always get 200mbs and worst is 0.7kbs for how many months. You should give us the right service, Were paying for it.


  • parehong pareho tyo ng reklamo... magtatapos na ang buwan wla pa ding dial tone naka 2200 plan kami.
    VERY VERY POOR NA NGA NAWAWALA PA SIGNAL...advance pa nga payment ko ng 600pesos.. ang masaya pa PLDT nung due date na nagkadial tone at mahinang signal kyo wla pa ko plano dpt bayaran yung 600 na dues kasi nga papa reimburse ko sa mga months na wla kami service(no dial tone at internet) tapos bigla nyo ssbihin na i didisconnect nyo kasi d nbyaran 600..HANEP nmn tlga kayo.. samantalang di kami makahanap ng taong makakausap sa part ninyo pra magreklamo sa serbisyo nyo.. so ano na Pldt..

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