Philippine Airlines/Zignal Travelairline tickets

I purchased a Phil Airline Ticket in 25 Jul 2014 for a flight schedule of Feb 15 2015 - return March 7 2015 (Sydney - Manila). Due to work commitments, i can only have a 10 days leave. When I talked to Zignal Travel (Blacktown NSW) about my dilemna in 01 Dec. I was told that I have to pay $400 to re-schedule my flight to 18 Feb 2015 (departure for Manila) and 28 Feb 2015 (arrival from Manila). I followed this up again in 07 Jan 2015 and the price for rescheduling my flight has gone up to $470. Can any sane person give me a logic about these cost for rescheduling a flight. All I can understand is a matter of keyboard strokes on the computer checking the available flight and seat availability which might take just 10 minutes and I have to pay $470???? Zignal says it is Philippine Airlines policy but I dont think so. This is just a complete rip off. The ticket was paid for, and I was not cancelling my flight. I plan to travel on a weekday meaning my weekend seat would be occupied by another passenger since more people travel weekends. I think this attitude of PAL or the Travel agency amounts to bullying and arrogance. So many airlines are offering flights for around $700 for that period and I wouldnt be paying a total of $1220. I wish PAL and Zignal review their stupid and useless policies.

Jan 07, 2015

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