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dear sir
owing to the very poor serive and deceive that we received in january at Philippine Airlines office, i wish to air my complaints.i was unhappy with the counter staff' deceive and refunds office' attitude.
First, we bought a philippine airline ticket of 21-Nov-2012 from Manila to Beijing for my mother, Fu Feng Ying, in september of last year, but because of our work, we had to change schedule and return the airline ticket, but when we came Philippine Airlines' office before 21-Nov-2012 and told your company' counter that we need to return the airline ticket, your staff told us that my mother can not get refund because her visa is not enough 2 week, so her company can not return the ticket .i want to know it is really?
Second, when I felt the staff don’t want to return the ticket, I asked her to delay my mother’ ticket for two months, and once my mother renew’ her visa, we will get refund . she said ok and told us that she had already finished our delay and we can go now but she really didn’t do anything .
Third, when we came again for refund on 14 Jan of 2013 after renewing my mother ‘visa, the staff told us that our ticket have already become invalid because we didn’t delay before airplane take off .
I said, “do u remember we finished to delay and u said we can go.. why is invalid..”
“yes, I finished your delay in computer but you did’t pay on time ”, she said .
I am so angry in that tme and I said, “you did’t tell us at all about pay and my girlfriend can prove ”.
But She still insisted on that, so I called my girlfriend cellphone and my girlfriend prove it right off, so she agreed with refund but the invalid ticket can not refund too much like before taking off so we are very unhappy but we can get a little refund, it is better than no refund, so Philippine airlines company staff give us a refund application and tell us that after 15 days we can get refund from the number [protected] and email :[protected]
But we called many times, no body answer us, when I email to the email address, only one email reply me for asking my ticket number .after I give the ticket number, I didn’t receive any email about refund anymore .
all these things considerd, i feel i need to be compendsated, i demand that you inprove the service at philippinne airlines.
please contact me at the address :[protected], i would love to hear from you as soon as possible.
your faithuflly

Mar 01, 2013
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