Phenom Health aka Health Marketunauthorised deduction of monies from my bank account, unethical practises regarding unsolicited goods.

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A free sample of 'wild raspberry ketone' was offered on facebook, £2.95 p&p was required to receive the free sample. At no time did I order any other supplies.
Unfortunately it required me to give in good faith my bank details by way of the long number on my debit card.
At no time was the figure of £79.31 or any figure for future purchases or subscriptions quoted.
I received a package containing a small pouch with two tablets inside & a carton of 60 pills which I had not requested. There was no paperwork or invoice enclosed & I was therefore not aware of the 15 day return clause. If that information been clearly pointed out I would have returned the pills within that time as I no longer wanted them & in fact have not opened the sample or the carton of pills.
This appears to be a big con to dupe unsuspecting people into unknowingly be set up to receive unwanted, unsolicited, expensive goods.
This unexpected, unauthorised deduction of £79.31 from my bank account has caused me hardship, as a pensioner I have limited finances to cover my day to day expenses each month. Therefore I would like a full refund.

Jul 30, 2017
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  • Pa
      Dec 11, 2017

    Going through the same thing, 15 days to cancel any further shipments, did not say the trial pack would be charged at nearly £80. Contacted explained the situation to them as to why I did not want them sent me a returns number and said they would issue a refund of half the cost instantly and the other half on receipt of the returned goods. So far so good, then I threw customer service off script, the pills were for my husband who sadly died a couple of days after receipt, as soon as I had the death certificate I closed his bank account and with it the debit card used to purchase the trial pack. I explained they could not return the money to an account that does not exist on more than one occasion but the Just will not listen. So £80 is floating around the Ethernet they won’t recall the refund they won’t reissue to me and on top of that the won’t give outbthe name of their CEO. It stinks and I am now about to put this all over Facebook and complain to Facebook for hosting scam adverts

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