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GoodEvening, My husband visit the Petsmart to purchase some guppies for our fish tank, Their was a young lady who waited on him he ask for male and female guppies fish .the young lady informed him that their was no such thing as male and femalle guppiies . My husband got into an shouting match, he was wrong for getting upset, and he probaly used some profanity.We know for a fact that their are male and female guppies.due to the fact about ten years ago aq nice gentleman in this very same Petsmart told my husband and I that the male fancy tail guppies have the Pretty tails and that the females dont ..And yes my husband was ask to Leave the store .I feel Petsmart should have workers that know the products in the store .Sometimes customer are right. My husband went over to the Petsmart In Garner nc, and got the guppies we needed to restart our tank. we had wanted to get three males and three females, we got to the garner petsmart we ended up getting one female and one male .in order to work in aPet store you must have knowledge ofthe product you are selling .
Sincerly yours, Sharon mcclain The petsmat was at 2800 Milbrook Road

Oct 18, 2017

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