I called PetSmart to ask when I could bring my dogs in to get their nails clipped. The girl in the phone said 4pm is their least busy time. On more than one occasion I walked in since you cannot make a nail appointment and they were too busy so I had to leave.
When I got there she was extremely rude and said she couldn't do it, didn't have time now but I could wait an hour.
I spoke to the manager about the situation and another groomer came to help us out, as well as the manager of the Huntington Station, NY store.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Huntington Station, NY She was so nice and helpful and even didn't let us pay. The other groomer with very short hair and glasses was helpful as well.
The original girl with the brown hair and terrible skin came back out and continued grooming my dog's nails after the manager stopped to help another dog. She was yanking on my dogs leg and then yelled at my dog to stop, that she wasn't going to continue. Honestly my dog was well behaved for the manager and other groomer but I feel could sense the energy of this girl. She was nasty, unprofessional and should not be working with animals.

Aug 21, 2018

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