Petronas / very very bad service

usj 2, Malaysia
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I want to make complain on the petronas branch usj 2, the staff that was cashier on that time is very super rude. Its was around 9.30pm-9.35pm. Occurred on 3/5/2017. When I request for 2 liters on ron 97 (Rm4.98). The person said something that I don't understand. Like critic me. I saw the person wasn't smiling at all. I told the person nicely. ("senyum lah")

The person reply me."saya ada marah kat awak ker? Kenapa saya nak senyum? Saya x dak marah kan? Ok, thank you,) with the tone that was unpolite. These problem have happened a lot of time already. I was very very mad because he tell me in front of the crowd.

It is a wrong thing to ask the guy to smile? I was very very angry. Please check on this. Why so rude??


May 3, 2017

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