Petco / return of dead beta fish

FT. Myers, Florida, United States

I purchased a Beta fish from PETCO two weeks ago, the fish died. I had this happen in the past, was told to keep receipt, return dead fish and they would exchange for a live one, never had a problem till last night. I returned the dead fish for exchange at your South Ft. Myers, Florida store, and the following occurred. The cashier said he would have to have approval of manager. A person comes (I assume a manager with weak management skills), I'm told that those fish hardly ever died"you must have done something to the water" and it would have to be tested. I explained to her that fish do die, and this had happened in the past and had not been an issue. Upon seeing poor cooperation on her part, I asked that I be given a refund and I would go elsewhere to buy my fish and other pet needs, she said that was fine "they didn't need my business". So I guess in the future I will look to my pet needs at one of the other chain stores that don't have weak links in their customer service

Jun 13, 2017

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