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Personal Loan / Unfair debt collection

1 India

This is to bring to your notice that I have been harrassed a lot by ICICI bank loan division in the past few months. I am a loan consumer of ICICI Bank I have taken four loans from ICICI in the past. One two wheeler loan (Detail not available with me right now) all amount cleared towards this loan account. Then I took a personal loan of 78000 rupees (Loan A/C: LPDEL00003724462) and one Auto loan (Loan A/C:LADEL00006263959) one more personal loan in March'08 (Loan A/C:LIDEL00001065615).

I was going trough some tough financial conditions for past one year and was not able to pay installments on time for the personal loans. I however managed to pay the installments for the car loan till December'07 (with some skips). Then I got a good job in Chennai and finally I decided to pay the debts asap. Before I take any action from my side the Bank detected my salary account (A/C: [protected]) and they block my salary account in the May and took 18650 rupees from my salary account which was part of my salary for April'08 (21st May'08) (I was only left with 2500 rupees of my salary to survive for the entire month. Then they blocked some amount on my account which I borrowed from someone and paid on 28th of May 18350 rupees. (Receipt of cash payment on 28th May'08 - L04080424557)

Detail of bank statement copied below;

2 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI OCT07-687 1, 129.00 17, 634.00
3 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI SEP07-428 2, 939.00 14, 695.00
4 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI MAY07-429 2, 939.00 11, 756.00
5 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI JUN07-430 2, 939.00 8, 817.00
6 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI JUL07-431 2, 939.00 5, 878.00
7 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI AUG07-432 2, 939.00 2, 939.00
8 21/05/2008 21/05/2008 LPDEL00003724462/LI APR07-433 2, 939.00 0.00

I knew I have some dues towards my car loan (Loan A/C:LADEL00006263959) and I paid 29350 rupees cash on 28th May'08 (receipt no L04080782998). I have also given in written that I will pay the remaining debts in couple of months. Finally my salary account (A/C: [protected]) was released but salary for that month was not credited to my account so I requested for advance salary and I received 18900 rupees as advance salary on 9th June'08. I thought I will pay 6000 rupees towards my car loan account and that the reason I kept that amount till the end of the month. But due to my shift timings I was not able to visit the branch to make payments. I once called ICICI customer care and tried to request to send someone to my place to collect the money (Can be checked with bank call records) but they told me that this will take five or more business days.

In total I had paid around (18600+18350+[protected] rupees in the month of May'08. My intension's are not to be a defaulter I am willing to pay all my debts but the bank need to understand that I am a human and I have my own expenses. If the bank blocks my salary or snatches the salary ( bread and butter) how will I survive in this new place where I don't have relatives or friends. When I will not survive i will either die or leave the job then how will the bank get the remaining money from me.

They did the same again they put a block of 30000 rupees on my account by the end of June and they snatched all my salary, I am again left with 7600 rupees to survive for the entire month. I came to know that Mr. Manish Jain (mobile: [protected]) has leaned my account for 30000 rupees for another Loan A/C:LIDEL00001065615. I tried to call him and say that I will pay the money in two installments because I need money to pay towards my car loan and other expenses. But he was not at all listening to me. He said he will talk to me after sometime but never picked my phone. I called him not less than 20 times all the time he disconnected my call.

Please think that the bank took 96300 rupees from me in two months my salary is 26000 rupees, I was running through tough time for one year will I have money to eat, live work and pay the bank debt. I am not at all in a condition to pay a single penny towards my car loan account (Loan A/C:LADEL00006263959) under the current situation the bank has left me with.

I am mentally harassed like anything by the bank. If I was to be a defaulter I wouldn't have paid any thing after the bank auto debited my salary. I would have left this job and joined some other company. I never did this I voluntarily paid money towards the car loan where the bank didn't block any thing on my salary account towards my car loan. Still the bank is not at all cooperating with me.

The only option left with me is to leave this job and go to my home town. I want to file a case against all these harassment of snatching my bread and butter when I was willing to pay all my debts. I will file a case for all these what the bank have given me when I wanted to be loyal and if at any point of time I commit suicide the bank and Manish Jain (mobile: [protected]) will be responsible and they will be responsible for my family, my father has retired five years back and he don't have any source of Income. I am the only earning member of my family at this point of time.

I want you all to guide me what to do when I have paid so much still the bank is not cooperating with my problem.

Yesterday, I called customer care of ICICI to file a complaint against Manish Jain (mobile: [protected]) for not listening to me and behaving in rude manner. I spoke to Mega More representative and she lodged a complaint gave me a reference number SR71369679. Manish Jain along with ICICI bank snatched all my happiness and left me with tensions, harassment and tears. I am depressed don't have a way other than suicide. In case I have to die I will make sure his happiness are snatched from his life. He will be responsible with the bank for my death.

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