PepsiCoparking practices of delivery trucks

At 9 am today (1/27/2017), a Pepsi branded delivery truck belonging to your subsidiary New Bern Transport Co, plate Florida 175 TR1, was parked at the bus bay of Commonwealth Ave at St Paul St, Boston, MA, as I was waiting for the bus at that bus stop. There was a cyclist lane outside the bus bay, and I had to step onto the street, past the stopped truck, in order to have line of sight with oncoming vehicles and look out for my bus. This caused me to almost be in a way of cyclists and come close to colliding with some of them. As I was boarding the bus, the driver, wearing a Pepsi uniform, came and was nonchalant about the violation, saying to me, "I got a ticket for it, right?", referring to the orange violation ticket on the windscreen. Doubts about the veracity of the ticket aside, one wonders whether it is company policy to encourage and pay for drivers' parking violations in order to expedite delivery of its goods, endangering the safety of consumers. Pepsi should pay attention to the real danger caused to commuters and make it a policy to clamp down on the practice of parking at bus bays.

Jan 27, 2017

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