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Pepsi / flat soda

NY, United States Review updated:
ive bought 12 packs of pepsi, (cans )all this summer.3 times i got cans with Flat soda, Dates were ok but but 40% of them were flat, they were bought in differant places.ive always been a pepsi fan, but, its just not funny anymore..please contact me, with your coments, ,

Jerry Poliseno, 96 Byrne ave S.I.N.Y.10314

thank you


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  30th of Jun, 2009
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Bought 3 12 pack cases of Pepsi -- so far out of two cases that were opened, had at least 3 cans in each case that were flat. These cases were not even close to the expiration date. What's up with this Pepsi. It's not bad enough that soda prices have escalated, now your selling flat soda to the public so we have to go out and buy more soda quicker. What a scam! I would like to be credited for my cases of soda.
  22nd of Jun, 2010
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I keep buying these value pack 12/ and all the sodas are flat. Even when i buy the 2 liters some of them are flat . I just want the old taste of a strong pepsi soda. The only ones u know is going to be strong is the ones u get out of the soda machines. Thanks for your time
  25th of Aug, 2010
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flat and not enough syrup, bought 40 2 liter bottles so far 3 in a row R bad, , pur at walmart Valtico FL
  23rd of Nov, 2017
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When I was young I could open a pepsi on a hot day and savor it for hours. Even after it was warm for a while it was still not flat. I quit drinking it for years after moving out. Eventually I get a room mate and after many years I remember it taste exactly like it used to but these days they go flat if you do not drink them in must minutes! It is a huge scam!!! Their goal is to manipulate so it is great when you open it but the carbon monoxide is mixed with chemicals (undetectable gasses) that break the fizz down faster, . This is why there are so many cans laying around half full. They go flat. This scam is not perfected yet, sometimes they over do it causing it to go flat while in the can. Sounds like I am crazy but just ask anyone with a good memory in their late 40's if they can remember the old days when drinking hot pepsi that sill had fizz happened, impossible with the way they make it today. Its kind of like my friend that patterned a tobacco scoop per that only averaged a 2% loss vs the 11% loss from loading a pipe via dipping in the pouch without the scooper.. The tobacco co bought his patent for 36K so they could avoid it being sold. They would loose 36K of sales every few hours if everyone who smoked a pipe got one of those things. Same reason a bic lighter has a much higher flame then back in the day when they used to last so much longer.

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