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Henrico, VirginiaRichmond Va, United States

Iv'e been a loyal customer of store 83 in Richmond Va. for quite a few Years. Spent thousands of dollars under the management of Dyrel Hawkins.
Since he has been gone. I have noticed several changes .none of these are for the good of the customer or employee's.
1. The belittlement and humiliation of the way Ali Khan treats his employee's.
2. selling customer's more than they need. Just to boost his personal number's. (I know this. Because I and other's were the victims of his sales tactics)
He is over selling the customer. Then telling them they can return the product if they don't want it. This raises his personal number's up, and a different employee has to take the hit for returning the item.
I have watched him do this over and over.
3. He refuses to help service in any way shape or form. I have watched him treat the asst. manager with utter contempt. He has refused to answer any phone calls. he will not lift a finger to help a service customer. tells his employee's not to pull parts or help service either.
4. I and other's have noticed that he stands at one terminal, and looks at his phone. He has allowed his children to run around the store. Including allowing them to work with other employee's.
5. It has been noticed by all people's that the cleanliness of the store has greatly been compromised.
you have lost my business
as well as the business of my family. this is due to him only. we will no longer visit this store retail, service and commercial.

Sep 09, 2018

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