PeopleLookup.comDo Not Use!!!

As a paralegal, I was trying to locate a former client. After exhausting my resources, I came across the aka They had an offer to try their one-time search look-up for $2.95. I thought I would give it a try. During the "order" process, they ask you for your information for their membership. So, like any other "order" you place, I entered my name, address, phone, email, etc. And entered my own credit card to pay for the $2.95 one-time look-up trial. (As an aside, the information received from the search was invalid out of date, and worthless; but, oh well, it was only $2.95, right?)

Well, this is my own stupidity. I just now noticed, on my September 2010 credit card statement, a charge for $19.95 to People Search Membership. Huh? So, I look up the company, log-in, and discover I've been charger $19.95 per month since April!

Apparently, in entering my order information, when you click "Authorize, " you are authorizing their $19.95 "membership, " not just the one-time Public Records Report, as it appears. Yes, I did get monthly newsletters (ie, junk mail) "Thank you for being a People Search Member...Our services are great...yada-yada." Well, I did give them my info, so why should I think twice about being called a "member." What I did not notice, however, in what appears to be your ordinary e-mail from an "I really need to take the time to opt-out of their junk e-mail" company, is the one line statement towards the bottom of the e-mail stating: "Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from Intelius People Svc."

After calling and arguing with them for a half an hour, they claim they will refund the monthly charges. We'll see.

Kudos to People Search/People Lookup for skirting the edge of "slimey-scammer" by the thinnest thread possible... I hope you sleep well at night.

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