Penske Truck Rental / reservation not honored

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On 11/13, I made reservation for 12 foot, one way truck rental two weeks prior to moving date, 11/25. I had already talked to U-Haul and Budget, but went with Penske because the agent said Penske guaranteed truck availability. I confirmed reservation 1 week prior to date and again 1 day prior to moving date. No changes were made in reservation during these three calls to the Penske Truck Reservation number. However, when we arrived at stated location, we were told that they didn't have a truck for us! They said we could drive 30 miles to another location to pick up a truck but we had to be there in 1 hour or the truck would be gone. We scrambled around and got another truck from another company, but it cost $200 more and our time and lots of hassle. Penske didn't honor their guarantee of truck availability at specified date and time and location.

Nov 27, 2016

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