Pei Wei Asian Dinerpoor management and poor customer service

H Nov 26, 2017

I attempted to order from the 1601 Kensington Dr. Sugarland, Texas location via cell phone for 39 minutes ..When I arrived, the phone was ringing nonstop, which was a clear indication that the employees are unconcerned about taking phone orders, nor organizing the restaurant in such a manner that the customer is not waiting for extended periods of time .
- When I mentioned it to the manager " Penelope" she was competely unconcerned nor made any attempts to apologize, nor rectify the situation . Her response was " we armed very busy and the phone does not ring loud"". Mind you " no one bothered to see if the phone was ringing or not".

-Inaddition the web site was experiencing a computer glitch which prevented me from ordering online .

My recommendation would be for New management to completely take over this establishment ... it has been poorly ran, for 3 years .

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