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PECO Energy / Bad service

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

I am a land lord and PECO energy came to my duplex to inspect a complaint on the bottom floor that the electric was too high. I saw the inspector arrive but I had to leave. Before I left I was told PECO would contact me if there was any issues . A couple days later the bottom tennant's girl friend told me one light bulb on the first floor was on the seconds electric. PECO never contacted me but 2years 3 months later gave me a $7000. electric bill. Although I am a current customer for my own residence they could not find me. After much research I found out that they put the entire top floor electric in my name but never contacted me. This was all due to one light bulb.

It seem PECO can do whatever they want. They were sending the mail to the incorrect addess and they will not take any part of the bill. I filed an informal complaint with PUC but so far I haven't gotten anywhere. Peco has only given me one bill in May of 2008 and has refuse to answer my certified letters to what their position is.

How could they not find me when I was current customer of theirs.

if you can help give me a call.

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  • Pe
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    peco can do what ever they want and they leave you in the dark and kick you when your down, even if you had an account with them at the same residence for over 20 years, and ran a business without ever a disconnect! It's amazing that they would keep your service up without collecting on such a outrages amount of money!

  • An
      5th of May, 2009
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    PECO are idiots. They gave me a $500 deposit when I had perfect credit with them and I was a bit late on paying that portion off...but paid my bill in full each month... NO notice, no letter but came home on a Fri night after work to find the note and NO power. I paid it in Full on Fri but they didn't open til Monday so they start the 72 hours FROM WHEN THEY FELT LIKE IT, it has been 5 days since I paid my bill in full and I still have three more days to wait they said. They can offer me NO information on when or if my electricity will be back on this wk. What a bunch of jerks.

  • El
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    I am a former PECO customer who changed residences in 2005. The family member I lived with had to switch the utilities from my name to hers so that I could move on and into my new residence. My bill turned out to be close to $4, 000 once she made the switch. I suspect that there may have been something wrong with the meter but how can I prove it all these years later? She still resides at the same address. Is there anyway to receive a history of payment report regarding this bill? PECO has been denying me service since I moved out of my apartment on Septemer 13 of 2006. And a few days later, September 16, 2006, they sold my account to a collection agency. I filed an informal complaint with the PUC in September of 2009. I was homeless at the time on a search to find an apartment. The PUC didn't investigate my complaint until February 2010 and they came back with a decision of denial just a few days ago. Can PECO energy still deny me service although I'm facing possible termination of my lease behind their decision? Although I make a little over 18, 000 a year I don't qualify for any low income assistance. I am at the end of my rope with 30 days to figure out how to get power. Is there help out there for me?

  • Jo
      6th of Sep, 2015
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    PECO is not the electric company of years long ago. It is Exelon. In 1974, I joined the Philadelphia Electric Company (original) as an employee. I enjoyed my job. At that time, the company was not perfect but it worked for its service area. Today, it is Exelon, a management company. They are like the mob with the PUC as it enforcer. There is a revolving door between PECo Energy and PUC. During the period for which I worked, the PUC made sure that PECo service its customers with pride, fairness, and equality. Now, the PUC is in bed with them. My service is in my husband's name and they charged a deposit because they reportedly cannot find any record of him. Surprisingly, he worked for them too during the same time that I did. Yet, they cannot pull up a credit report. They have charged three deposits to my account. There is no policing of them. Utilities SHOULD NEVER BE PRIVATELY OWNED! If so, we get exactly what PECo Energy gives its customers. If they don't want you, they don't have to service you. Disgraceful. But, let's salute our politicians for agreeing to this mess. New Jersey was smart enough to keep Exelon out. Our politicians are crooked and greedy. Now, if PECo Energy wants certain area to be in the darkness, they can. They economically discriminate against people.

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