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PECO Energy / Failure of duty to provide policy transparency as a public utility provider

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Peco had refused to add me to the account at the property rented by my fiancé and I because my Social Security Number is not on the Equifax system (having never had a debt or owned a credit card). On making further inquiries I was told that I should visit a PECO location at my inconvenience with identification and pay a fee in order to confirm my identity and be added to the account, despite pointing out to them that they have been banking checks in my name on this account for 6 months (and all were paid on time).

I took exception to being asked to pay for the privilege of becoming a customer while there is no alternative to this essential public service purely because they are unable to employ a sufficient method of checking identity. I have not asked them to waive this fee, but simply to explain their policy.

As a public utility provider it is PECO's duty to respond to any public request to explain policy decisions as they are licensed by the Public Utility Authority and as such are a publicly accountable company.

Despite being given ample opportunity to explain themselves they have continued to avoid the issue and my plea for them to justify an unfair policy (that taxes those who have been careful to live within their means) has fallen on deaf ears. Customer services wrote, 'I am not in a position to justify any policy' and on asking them to pass the complaint to someone who could I received no reply.

This is a gross failing of a public duty that contractually and morally binds PECO through the privileges they enjoy in being awarded a public supply contract (a licensed monopoly).

I refuse to back down on this small but principled issue as without accountability for their actions, a licensed public utility provider becomes little more than a licensed mafia, able to withhold public services at will and impose charges on a whim! They must be prepared to fully back all policy decisions with reasonable and accountable explanation, no matter how insignificant.

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  • Do
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    I am experiencing a PECO injustice as I write this. This morning I paid my PECO bill that was to be due on January 7th according to the bill. 2 Hours later, they came and shut off my power while my out of town guests tried to stop him. They called me while he was still there and I directed them to get the bill off of my bed with the confirmation number. The PECO worker did not care, shut it off anyway. My guests called and PECO said I was scheduled for disconnect today. I never recieved a disconnect notice. Frequently I dont get a PECO bill at all. There is someone in a neighboring town with the same address and zip code, except for the additional four numbers at the end. PECO said that was my problem, so I tried to fix MY problem last year when this happened the first time. I rarely receive the bill to this day, so I usually just call the automated service and pay the bill by phone according to the information I get on the phone. So I gave them $400 and I have no power in my home with an asthmatic child being one of my houseguests. PECO is evil and inhumane.

  • Ro
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We do not get a bill at all, and they said the same thing, that it was my problem not theres. the rates for electricity are ENORMOUS and inflated. they charge almost as much for the distribution charge per kw/hr as they for the kw/hr itself. peco can you say unfair business practices and price gauging.

  • Sl
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    PECO is out of control. They use thier monopolistic power to impose unfair credit policies. In a time when everyone is struggling, and after the worst winter ever I have just been assessed a $700 deposit for being just a few days late. I have lived in four states in my career and have never been abused by a company as I have by PECO.

  • Da
      18th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I went to PECO w/ a friend of mine who was paying a bill for her grandmother. I asked the person as she was handing back my friends reciept (PIF I might add), that since my license was due to be renewed, and that I knew of a home coming up for rent & was getting it, should I use my current or upcoming new address to get on my license, even though I didn't live there yet. She said..use the new address even though i wouldn't be there for a couple weeks, and "why go through all that again?" stuff.

    I got the new adddress on my license, moved in, and when I called to get the elec on, was told that the previous renter owed a HUGH bill, and because I had the same address, I was responsible for it! They RE-FUSED to turn it on! I finally, got a supervisor or something who turned it on, as a new acct.Started out brand new, as well it should have!

    2 months later? That 2900.00 bill from the previos renter was tacked on! Then? A "new customer fee" of 300.00. Make up my mind already!

    I have called repeatedly, to no avail. I told them I would not pay the bill, because no matter what I paid, it went towards the BACK bill, not the NEW bill. I now owe 4000!!! almost 3000 isn't even mine! My dad has c*ncer, used 3 med. emergency forms, now we're screwed.

    I don't know what the h*ll to do...they're shutting me off and even my mom can't get it on in her name because then she'll have the other renter, mine (which I would pay if they'd get that other renter off), then hers! wtf is WRONG with this company! Isn't this illegal?? NO OTHER CO USES THIS PRACTICE!. I had NO problems with anyone else, and yes, the gas ANd water had a back bill also by the preious renter, but they didn't tap me for it.

    Anyone know of decent elec. options in phila. pa?? If so mail me @'ll have to use my sisters comp to get it. *&^@#!!!

    I'm losing my mind...
    Thanks for letting me vent..
    'soon to be in the dark in pa for the rest of our lives"

  • Da
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went with my friend to pay her grandmothers bill to the office. You know, just a regular walk in and pay in full thing last yr. (09). I asked the woman behind the counter that since my license was due to be re-newed, I was going to be renting a home in the next couple months, (I was leaving my boyfriend, didn't want him to know) so should I use what would be my new address on it, or the current one. She said, and I quote
    "you should use the one you're moving into, why go through all the dmv stuff again if you don't have to?" i did.

    I re-newed my license in Jan 09(my deed was made out for may, the people renting were moving, the landlord told me I better "snap it up" while I could.)

    Ok, this is where it gets really ugly.

    I moved in, went to have the service turned on, and was told that since my license tapped back to this address from 4 months earlier, I was responsible for the OTHER renters bill that they had skipped on! To the tune of, almost 3000.00!! They refused to turn my elec. on! I finally, after 4 days of trying to call them every chance I got from work, got a supervisor who turned me on as a new customer...but wait.

    2 months June, and after keeping MY payments current...they tacked on that back amt. from the other renter again! They REFUSE to take it off! After more complaining, they then, get this, tacked on 300.00, for being a new customer! Ontop of the "old renters back bill"! (Make up my mind already!)What the h*ll kind of company is this!?

    I told them, I refuse now to pay ANY bill, because what I would pay, went to the OTHER persons back balance, not MY current bill.

    Isn't this illegal!?

    My dad has cancer, I used 3 medical emergency papers, so we don't qualify for that. My Mom moved in, called annon, with a "just asking a question" thing, and they told her, she would be responsible for all previous delinquent elec. bills if it were put in her name! Whoever lived here before, if her license came back here, she was resposible for it.
    her "new" bill, and this which is now a combo of previous renter & mine.

    After her prodding about "what if i rented a room from someone weekly, does that still hold true if they don't pay?" YES! because even though she would be renting a room, WITH a lease by the WEEK, (to help me with my Dad, they're divorced), HER license would come back to "an unpaid address"!

    WTF!? I'm being shut off in 2 weeks, with NO chance of getting it turned back on!
    Gas & Water? Those other people owed them, but I wasn't held responsible for it. I need help, someone, please give me a different provider or advice or something. By the time I get back to this, I'm SURE, I'll have to walk to the library and use their computer because I won't have elsectric!

    Thanks all, for letting me vent. I'm so sorry, but I'm really upset about this.Especially with my Dad being here & all, with no alternative.

    Anyone know of any decent elec. providers in philadelphia? I'm about, to lose my mind..

  • Da
      18th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm sorry for the double post. I'm a wreck, and cannot figure out how to nav this site to delete one...but I'm trying, while crying, so it's a little hard...

    Thanks for understanding, & I'm doing my best to get rid of one..

  • Al
      29th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    the worst service ever, bills make no sense, the charges come out of the air, you can use your electricity for 2 months in the same way and get the second bill twice higher, although you were not at home for 2 months.

  • Th
      10th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    good afternoon to all, this is Mr. Tony Bennett and it is very pathetic as to the business practices of companies like Peco and PPL who have monolopilized and taken advantage of their customers for many years. There is no loyalty or respect and now there is a change. Ignite is the new cat in town and we are powered by Stream Enegergy out of Texas. We are not in Three states Georgia, Texas, and now PA - Our rates are . Call much...much lower. We are seeking customers to switch over and business reps... Lets's Make a Change ! Call me at 267-324-7456 or email me at, or anytime

  • An
      28th of Nov, 2012
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    I believe the time has come for a class action against PECO if there are any interested attorney's please know they are robbing their customers severly and I bet alot of people would join in and you would win the complaints are completely justified, it's time to put them in their place I don't mind paying what I owe it's the other charges that they won't send a bill for and won't explain that are getting ridiculous...

  • Qo
      30th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    So I knew we were behind on our electric and things being tight here in perkasie, I had only paid $200 toward our Peco bill. Have received a couple red 10 day notices in the mail, but always paid enough or something to never run into an actual disconnect of power. So today I was home with my 3 year old when the electric went out (9am), so I call my husband. We owed $570. Not thousands, but $570. Shocked they'd even shut off for such a little amount (we've owed more). So we call and pay the full amount (after calling once and being told that we would have to call back because they have no record of our power being shut off ... Really). They tell us that it could take 24-72 hours to be put back on. That seems rather long when the guy has JUST here and it took him all of two seconds to turn it off! Thank god it's nice out, but seriously what about my fridge full of food?? I'm so beyond annoyed that it could take so long to do something so simple!!

  • Wo
      30th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I know you were shock they turn it off for such a small amount. Now if your boss told you why are you asking for your check sense it is such a small amount. You get my drift?

  • Sj
      9th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    PECO is scamming people everywhere.

    I too was not getting bills from PECO... told them that.. had the same attitude- its my fault for THEM not providing a bill that I could pay.

    Is now trying to charge me 120 a MONTH extra on TOP of late fees because I am a "credit risk" despite the fact that my account has a ZERO balance.

    Something must be done. Their customer service people are RUDE and do not explain ANYTHING and talk over you when you say to them repeatedly that you do not understand why or how they are able to charge you particular charges. And get this- the women I talked to say they cannot provide me with an employee number or name or code name... okay so how am I supposed to reference back to something YOU told me on the phone... I can't think of ONE customer service company that there is NO way to identify who you are speaking to.

    Class Action is right... I have the perfect lawyer for this.. I am sick of them walking all over us.

  • Sh
      19th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    We were in the rears and therefore on a payment plan with PECO. We missed a payment and received a 10 day shut off...fair enough. Called to find out what could be done to stop the shut off and be put back on the payment plan. They informed us that if we made a payment of $634.00 that all would be fine, and we'd be put back on the payment plan. We immediately paid $640.00 and received a confirmation # for the payment. Never received another phone call or mail in regards to the shut off. September 16th while cooking breakfast they shut us off. When asked why, as we fully complied to their demands and had the confirmation # which they acknowledge they received...Their reply...because we did not call them back and tell them that we made the payment. We were never informed that this was also a requirement of not being shut off. In my research in one day I have found 5 IDENTICAL complaints against them. A class action lawsuit does need to happen in these matters, that PECO should be required by law, to divulge ALL requirements in order to avoid a shut off. They are completely unwilling to work with myself and the others in my situation in spite of receiving the payments, and now want the bill paid in full along with disconnect/reconnect fees. I am at a loss, but strongly feel that their is a full disclosure case here. I am still researching how to make this happen.

  • Br
      18th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    PECO has been pulling these ridiculous stunts and overcharging by absurd amounts for as long as I can remember. Can someone please explain to me how this monopoly is legal? There are a few little mom and pop electric distributors, but ultimately they get the power got it, PECO.

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