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Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited / Faulty meter and bill adjustment

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I had lodged a compliant (Receipt number: 092081) last year in month of July for higher bill amount every month even though my electricity consumption was very less. The meter was found to be faulty after testing by your department and subsequently changed, as about more than 100 units of extra consumption was reported by your staff.

I was informed that the extra-amount that I paid every month would be adjusted in next month bill statement. But this was not done.

I received a bill for month of November, 2007 for just Rs400/- with consumption for that month showing 0. Perhaps anybody might not have turned up of seeing the meter reading, and the I was charged next month for consumptions.

While I am yet to know the total bill amount that was needed to be refunded, I received a bill of more than 4000/- for consumption of more than 1200 units for about 18 days for month of February 2008, which is impossible, as for month of February the bill would have lesser as we had stopped using the water heater, but to our surprise the bill was more than expected, almost 3 times as compared to other months bills, even though we are just 4 members at present compared to the 8 members last year. (Xerox - Documents attached here with.)

When I again verified with your staff, they said they have wrongly read the meter (they read 8 in place of zero) and they modified the bill at their will and now they charged me for 621 units, which was paid last month, though it was higher. (Receipts attached.)

But to inform you the reading of meter was perfectly fine, as shown by the reading as on 05/APR/2008, which reads 19122 units, this means the last months reading was 8 not zero and they had modified the bill without verification.

Again when I wrote a application and sent my society staff to lodge a complaint, the complaint was not received, he was asked to serve a compliant for faulty meter again, and I paid another Rs/-350 on 08/APR/2008 (Receipt number: 184746 attached here with.)

While I am yet to receive a settlement for last years complaint. I am again put into trouble by the department. I am paying more bills to Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, without any respite.

The details of meter are as follows:

Meter No. – L02691 SC. No. – 295102

Bill Date From To Meter Reading Units Charges in INR.
08/02/2007 13/01/2007 08/02/2007 PRS-2896
PRV-2610 286 1207
13/08/2007 11/07/2007 13/08/2007 PRS-7093
PRV-6321 772 2709
14/09/2007 17/08/2007 14/09/2007 PRS-7666
PRV-7093 573 2171
11/10/2007 14/09/2007 11/10/2007 PRS-8569
PRV-7666 903 3190
16/11/2007 11/10/2007 16/11/2007 PRS-8569
PRV-8569 0 400
16/12/2007 16/11/2007 16/12/07 PRS-8790
PRV-8569 221 1083
15/01/2008 16/12/2007 15/01/2008 PRS-8998
PRV-8790 208 1043
18/02/2008 15/01/2008 18/02/2008 PRV-8998
PRS-9452 454 1803
11/03/2008 18/02/2008 11/03/2008 PRV-9452
PRS-10842 1390 ~4300
18/03/2008 18/02/2008 18/03/2008 PRV-9452
PRS-10073 621 2319 bill regenerated with reading 8 as 0 on 18/03/2008.

At present I am using following electrical appliances, which may help the organization to make estimate on electricity consumption, and corresponding bill statement.

Electronic Devices No. Units Number of hours a day* (power cuts included)
15 watts night bulb 2 6
40 watts tube light 5 12 hours
Voltas AC 1.5 Ton 1 6 hours * (Only in summers)
Fans 3 12 hours
Refrigerator 270 ltr 1 24
Washing machine 1 14 hour (Semi Automatic)
Television 1 1 hour
Computer 1 6 hour
Electric iron 1000 watt 1 16 hour
Mixer/grinder 1000 watt 1 16 hour
Water heater rod 1 1 hour * (Only in winters)

While in month of February and March the electricity bill is least as neither we use AC/ nor we use water heater or any other heater. Yet in my case the bill is maximum is month of March and this appears to me a clear case of year end adjustment.

Under existing circumstances, I would request you to kindly look into the problem sincerely, kindly repay the existing dues for last year and get the meter show correct readings.

Unless the above mentioned issues are rectified, kindly don’t generate any new electricity bill.

If I don’t receive any respite from the organization on this issue, I will be compelled to move to consumer forum on this issue.

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