Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam LimitedMismanagement of bills settlement!


I am in huge distress and feel panic to follow up PVVNL-Mawana, Meerut (UP), although this time via email after a plethora of oral & written follow up that long back on February, 2005. I had submitted all the necessary applications duly along with attachments and everything. Right since submission of required documents, I kept on pursuing the process and stayed in touch constantly.

It is harsh but true that the process of solving problems seems to take infinite period of troubled patience and tend to border on the sad limits of its dreaded delays. Anyone can check that their website is also not working properly as there is a link for Customer Grievances, but no one can access that cause Division field is mandatory, which is not working.


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  • Dk
    D K SINHA Oct 12, 2007

    The condition of PVVNL is very pathetic and alarming on the front of grievance redressal and bad service. The check deposited at their office in Noida often get lost as their work is not systematic. The person will come and tell your cheque have been dishonored and hence pay disconnection / reconnection charges and deposit draft for the payment. They never return dishonored cheque to subscriber with bank objection slip. On inquiry, you will find that the cheque was not lodged as any return of cheque the account holder is levied with penalty. Further, they do not receive cheque for payment putting the subscriber in trouble while other company's are providing on line payment facility. It appears nothing is in order in UP (ULTAPRADESH).

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  • Ma
    Mayur Nov 05, 2007

    I fully agree with the above comments. We customers are simply being plundered by PVVNL both financially and mentally.
    Gandhijis adage - Customer is the most important person in our premises - is negated vehemently by this state of UP.

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  • Mu
    Muchkund yadav Nov 06, 2007

    Shame on this Organization (PVVNL) who ill treat their customers and most shamelessly extort them in the name of receiving bill payments (Are you listening?)

    Service is horrible due to nonavailability of electricity due to rampant load shedding and break down specially in Shipra Suncity Indirapuram area.

    And in the name of Vidyut Vitaran, the corrupt and lazy officials and staff of this Nigam have now deployed some private goondas to extort money from the houses . These goons come to extract money from the womenfolk in the houses with a threat of disconnection to power supply.

    The Vidyut Vitaran Nigam never thinks it fit to alert and inform the customers in advance at all regarding any anomalies and discrepancies of bill payment though several methods through telephone, SMS,e-mail etc are available. But this organization prefers to remain in the stone age and behaves as stone men or hammer man to the customers with whose money only they are surviving. Shame again!

    As regards bill payment through net / phone or online or through banks, these officials are simply incompetent and inefficient to introduce such system and they will boast of adopting modern IT technologies in their organization. May be the system is there in paper for which money is spent and equally looted by all of them.
    God also cannot improve these people.

    I curse them that they will have to go on paying the price of such ill treatment to the customers one day multiplied to several times the sufferings of what we are facing today.

    God will fulfill my curse , I know.

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  • Mu
    Mulawati Singh yadav Nov 06, 2007

    PVVNL'S Mission should be rewritten as :

    * Reliable Power to
    # Most erratic power supply due to prolonged power cut and load shedding - unscheduled, non communicated and non informed
    * Quality Power to
    # Full of Low and Fluctuating Voltage
    * Better Consumer services to
    # Most Customer Unfriendly & Full of Hassles and Heckling and Threat to Customers
    * Reduction of losses to
    # Bunch of Careless Officials and Staff immuned to losses , thefts and Wasteful consumptions
    * Improved efficiency to
    # Ignorance , Incompetence and Callous

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  • La
    Lalit Ranjan Yadav Nov 20, 2007

    I do not understand why this complaint board is provided. Are the authorities reading these and thinking a little about the complains of the customers with whose money they are surviving? Perhaps not and this site is meant to fool the customers again. But the authorities should remember that they, their family members and children are also liable to face similar fate on other sectors if such trend of fooling and exploiting the customers continue by such service sectors.Coming to the complain proper:

    ~In Shipra Suncity Indirapuram,Ghaziabad The PVVNL employees do not take meter reading regularly, if they take reading they take it wrongly.
    ~They do not dispatch the bills to customers regularly and sufficiently in advance.
    ~If there is any delay or problem in bill submission by cheque, they do not inform the customers.
    ~Suddenly they send their goondas with Chakkoo to house to disconnect the electrical connection.
    This is nothing but adopting TERRORISIM TECHNIQUES by PVVNL.

    I pray to God and wait to see as to when HE will send this Chakkoo back to disconnect this authority's employees' family and punish them.

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  • Ja
    jaiveer singh Dec 09, 2007

    The condition of PVVNL is like a rotten egg.

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  • Ra
    rajesh sharma Feb 21, 2008


    Managing Director

    Sub: Tax Difference in the Upcoming Auction

    Dear Sir,

    It is to put to your kind consideration that whereas in all the auctions held at MSTC all the department charge 12.5% VAT and do not accept Form C in case of Interstate sale which is clearly mentioned in terms and conditions of the Auctioneers Departement where as your department is charging only 3% Tax againt form C. So we request you to kindly consider this and do confirm it from MSTC too.


    Rajesh Sharma

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  • Su
    Sumit Kumar Saxena Mar 05, 2008

    Shame to this organization, which is workless and careless in every respect. It also set the true example of socialism with redtapism.

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  • Mu
    Mukesh Chandra Mar 29, 2008

    I would like you to use the power of Right to Information Act so that all your grievances can be resolved. All you have to do is to wite an application and pay the fee Rs 10 Postal order fee for the RTI application. I am sure your grievances will be handled
    Mukesh |chandra

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  • Si
    SIMBA Jun 13, 2008



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  • Sa
    Sandeep Singh Sep 28, 2008

    Please suggest if i can make the on line payment for pvvnl bill. If yes please mention the site or arrangement to pay the same on line.


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  • Sh
    sh.Hoshair singh Oct 20, 2008

    Please cll me this no 9968874250, 9911917291 and give me meter complent no.


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  • Ri
    Richa Sharma Nov 13, 2008

    I agree with many things said above whenever we deal with Government run Agencies like BSNL, Electricity Board, Passport, Sanity, Police in and around your area of residence and Work. Off late Judiciary has started following on the wrong foots step of Executive

    Health Care and Education Institutions Run by government Agencies are deteriating day by day.

    The Govt. servant only care for, listen and follows the Law makers(read those in Power) to save their jobs.

    If you analyze it deeply: It points to only one rootcause. The Law Makers chosen by us are elected on basis of Cast, Creed, Color, Sex, Religious Sentiments. Not on the basis of their work in these areas

    The good/godly Reason should have been: Healthcare, Sanity, Security, Education, Services from Govt Run Agencies, Child Care and Old Age Security. We must ask our future MLA/MPs what is their plan in above areas and what they have achived.

    You must always vote/highlight these good reasons. Atleast try to make a contact with them and highlight your plight.

    If we ask them, believe me things will start changing. And it will be for better.

    Chances are that they will understand the under current would change for better

    I have filled for than 100 complaints with Noida Authority about various issues being faced by me and my fellow neighbours/citizens. They ignored initial couple of complaints.

    Now they donot dare to do it ..

    We must do something around us seek the change


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  • Ak
    ak chatterjee Dec 22, 2008

    Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde New Delhi
    Union Minister for Power 22nd December 2008
    Govt. of India
    New Delhi

    Hon’ble Sir,

    I am AK Chatterjee, resident of Block No. B/14, Flat No. 19, Himgiri Apartments, Sector-34, Noida (UP) Consumer No. 201376, Book No. 9046.

    I am residing in the above premises since January 1997 and have been paying electricity charges every month well before the due date invariably. I have during all these years never been a defaulter by any means, the fact you can verify from your records.

    On 12th November 2008, I received a bill for Rs. 982/- which was paid by me on 16th November 2008 vide cheque no. 548469 on Corporation Bank, Sector-31, Noida vide your receipt no. 03032000926 dated 16th November 2008.

    Again on 15th December 2008, I received a bill for Rs. 2, 318/- in which Rs. 982/- and Rs. 431.49 have been shown as arrears and penalty charges respectively.

    Since I had already paid Rs. 982/- on 16th November 2008 I wondered why this amount has been shown as arrears alongwith quite a hefty amount of Rs. 431.49/- as penalty.

    On query from Sector-20 and Sector-25 office of yours I was told that the cheque no. 548469 for Rs. 982/- has bounced being postdated.

    While my banker (Corporation Bank, Setor-31, Noida) has confirmed that the said cheque was never presented to the bank for payment. This is further evident from the fact that had that cheque actually bounced, as has been made out by your Sector-20 and Sector-25 offices, the bank would certainly have debited my account (S.B. A/c No. 70359) with “Cheque Returned” charges. I am enclosing herewith relevant page of my passbook (w.e.f 15th November 2008 to 17th December 2008) for your perusal where no “Cheque Return” charges has been debited by my banker to my S.B. A/c for this lapse.

    Moreover, during my two visits to your Sector-25 office on 18th December 2008 I met Shri Rajinder whom I requested to show me the cheque (issued by me that has bounced). He said that he was unable to show me the cheque but asserted with confidence that the cheque has bounced- not because of insufficient fund but being postdated.

    With his assertion in pocket and bowing to his dictates I got a Demand Draft prepared in favour of E.E., EUDDI, Noida for Rs. 2, 318/- and deposited with your office on 18th December 2008 vide receipt no. 03033000175 dated 18th December 2008.

    Now having undergone all these trauma and harrowing experience for no fault of mine may I assert my right under RTI Act 2005 to get a copy of the cheque for Rs. 982/- that I issued in your favor and is said to have bounced.



    You have penalized me for depositing a postdated cheque of Rs. 982/-. Penal amount being Rs. 431.49. Have you ever thought of taking any disciplinary action by imposing some fiscal penalty on the man who issues receipts randomly without verifying the particulars given in the cheque. This kind of bitterness do occur in the mind of honest consumers due to negligence and delinquency on the part of officials who man such important counters. If they check the particulars given in the cheque before hand even by giving a cursory look you might save many a man power loss subsequently and consumers saved from financial loss. Kindly forward me a copy of the cheque bounced or I will file a case of defamation and harassment in the consumer’s court and bring it to the notice of media as well.

    To avoid this confrontation I suggest the following:-

    1. Either I may be given credit of Rs. 431.49 to my next bill;

    2. Or I may be provided with a copy of the cheque that has bounced with banker’s endorsement;

    3. Take stringent action against the man who issued receipt without verifying the particulars given in the cheque to thwart recurrence of such incidents in future.

    (AK Chatterjee)
    R/o Block No.- B/14, Flat No. 19,
    Himgiri Apartments, Sector-34, Noida (U.P)
    E-mail: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Mobile: 9971732974
    Ph: 0120-2508253 (R) 011-2337040 (O)
    Fax: 011-23370782
    Copy to:

    1. Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde 2. Shri Jairam Ramesh
    Union Minister for Power MOS (Power) Govt. of India
    E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]

    3. Shri. Anil Razdan 4. Shri. Atul Kumar Gupta
    Secretary (Power) Govt. of India Chief Secretary, Govt. of U.P
    E-mail: [email protected] 0522-2239383 (Fax)

    5. Chairman & MD, U.P. Power Corpn. Ltd. 6. Shri. V.N. Garg
    Shakti Bhawan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow Principal Secretary (Power)
    0522-2237022 Govt. of U.P.

    7. Shri. Anil Kumar 8. Shri. Rajiv Verma
    Additional Secretary (Power) Director
    Room No. 419 (Finance, Grievance & CPIO)
    Shram Shakti Bhavan, New Delhi Room No. 427
    Tel Fax: 23715378 Shram Shakti Bhavan,
    New Delhi
    Ph: 23717196/2324359
    9. Shri. Anil Dev Singh
    Hon’ble Chairperson
    Appellate Tribunal
    Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

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  • Mo
    Mohd Akram Jan 28, 2009

    this page is good

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  • Vi
    vicky Apr 05, 2009

    S D O

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  • Sa
    sandeep5432 Jul 04, 2009

    Sir i have a connection domestic of 2KW and i was using it for domestic purpose but some circumstance change i make a small play school. and the vigilence team came and said that you are using this connection as commercial and you have to pay 10, 000/- per KW as fine and they deposit 30, 000/- Rs on the spot and told me that you must apply for new connection. I have taken a new commercial connection of 4 KW.i was shoked when amin from tehsil come and asked me to deposit 63, 000/- Rs for the electricty.
    the department is not ready to tell me why should i deposit this amount.
    when i ask them they are saying give us 55, 000/ and we will settle this without depositing the amount
    kinly help what should i do.

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  • Sh
    Shashi Joshi Oct 08, 2010

    Pl Provide me the current domestic Traiff of Ghaziabad, U.P. My email id is : [email protected]
    Mob 9871522885

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  • Aa
    Aam Janta of Noida Dec 09, 2010

    Complain against Electric Power of Noida - PASCHIMANCHAL VIDYUT VITRAN NIGAM Ltd. for JE - Anil Kumar Kapil (33/11 KVA Sub Power Station) Sector – 44, Noida – 201303, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)

    Respected Sir,

    Complaint against Anil Kumar Kapil – JE of (33/11 KVA Sub Power Station) Sector – 44, Noida – 201303, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)

    He is a corrupt officer & is defaming the entire electricity department & Noida Authority due to his activities. He is a curse for the department & should be immediately removed after taking stringent action against him, so that no one else can even think of doing what he does.

    He openly asks for bribes for installing a New Electricity Meter in any house in the Sector. Also, once the new electricity meter is installed he asks again for bribes in order to give the sealing report. In case he is not given bribe, he harasses the public and threatens to cut the electricity. He also goes to people’s houses on festivals such as Holi & Diwali and asks for money. If the money is not given he gives wrong report to the electrical department and says that you your Meter is Overload and you need to pay penalty etc and harasses the resident of the sector.

    Also, he steals the electricity and the give the public for higher rates in the sector.

    All the residents of the sector are frustrated because of his unprofessional behavior and asking money again and again. However, they are afraid to come forward & report his actions due to his position & status.

    This complaint is done in favor of general public. Therefore you are requested to take severe action your site is No1 in Consumer Complaints of Uttar Pradesh (Noida).


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  • Aa
    Aam Janta of Noida Feb 19, 2011

    There is really issue with the PVVNL department especially in Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, UP.

    Every one here in the department needs “Bribe” as money. If you want to have temporary connection, to install a new meter, to increase a load & to change the connection type. If you are not able to pay the BRIBE these criminals will send bill with some issues of Arrears and with more reading or some issue with your meter.

    The best part of the PVVNL - PASCHIMANCHAL VIDYUT VITRAN NIGAM Ltd. Is that each & every person is doing these activities and the government is not taking any serious action on them.

    A recently case happened at Sector -44, Noida where JE – A. K. Kapil is the in charge of Power Station and has seen taking bribe of Rs 2, 00, 000 Lakhs from a Kothi at sector-44. This case is already known to the department very well. Despite of removing this person from the department he asks more bribe from all the sectors of Noida.

    Just think from above how would online payment works as the department of PVVNL will stop with all illegal activities. They are happy in cash payment system only where these criminals can earn a hell amount of money from the public.

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  • An
    anil verma Jul 09, 2012

    Respected sir,
    from: Anil verma .155 ishwar puri meerut

    i want to inform you sir that one wrong light connection given to shop without landlord purmission of light...
    i give written complent court case file to jae sabh and meet them regularly but he do nothing and say come next day no such
    document taken by jae sabh witch required to take connection by taking money he give the electricity connection by shop ghanta ghar jae numbes is 9412749249 what can i do plz help me sir ...

    thank you sir

    Anil verma.

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  • Ut
    uttam auto parts Jun 04, 2014

    Sir This complaint is regarding power supply in Hapur U.P there is shortage of power supply due to which near about 1400 industries are going to shut down. I request u to take neccesary action regarding this problem .
    Secratory of Hapur small scale industries
    Aman Gupta

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  • Jo
    john baretto Jan 06, 2015

    Dear Sir,

    I am a resident of Sector 5/555 Vaishali - 2nd Floor Ghaziabad - We got a new meter connected - all was working fine the bills and the payment - all of a sudden yesterday 06/01/2015 - Gaurav from the electricity department comes to our house and says - we have to pay Rs12000/- as the electricity bill that were given to us were fake bills and now we are due Rs 12000 - Sir it is my humble request to kindly look into the matter - and also kindly suggest where else can i take this complaint. Till date we have never lacked in our electricity payment bills.

    We very much want to involve the police and a lawyer regarding these fake bills - but before that may I ask you to look into the matter at the earliest.

    John Baretto
    The British High Commission
    Investigation Department - Visa
    New Delhi

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