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order # [protected] 12/5/18 11:10 pm ordered parts on 12/2/18 around 8:00pm knew order wouldnt be filled till next day.wondering where are my parts? fedex says wont get some parts today, didnt show up.the other part of my order wont be here till 12/7/18 maybe.! i really need them parts...that is why i paid extra money for shipping!!! your policy says 2-3 days when you pay extra for shipping.its around $8.00 for standard shipping which is bull s**t i think then you pay more to receive your parts in 2-3 i still havent got my parts 12/3, 12/4, 12/5 thats 3days so you failed on a option that i paid you for!!! i believe the whole shipping amount be refunded.for the amount i spent shipping should be free ebay does it youre making a killing on shipping should have went to ebay. i'll let you know when i get my parts believe me !!! very disappointed you make such a big deal about shipping and i pay more to get parts here when you say

Dec 05, 2018

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