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Parts Train / Defective parts/Returns

1 CA, United States
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My Fiancés car died towards the end of June so I decided to do the repairs myself. I bought a distributor from Parts Train and was told it would ship within 24 to 36 hours and that I would receive in 3 business days. One week later I called to check on my package and was told that it had left the warehouse and that UPS could provide me with the necessary info to track my package. UPS told me that the package had never been given to them and that I needed to contact Parts Train to check that the part had indeed been shipped. Parts Train customer service then told me I needed a tracking number to find the part. I may not know much, but it’s hard to provide a tracking number for a part that hadn’t been shipped in the first place. After 6 phone calls and about an hour on the phone, Parts Train admitted that they had made a mistake and would ship in 3 days and I would receive it 3 days later. They refused to cancel the original order so they could fast track the part to me. By this time it had been about 3 weeks without a car, which can make commuting to work difficult. Only after complaining twice did I receive a phone call telling me that I would be refunded for the cost of shipping that I paid for.
After installation, the car ran, but not properly. It needed a new timing belt so I figured that the timing might be off and had to schedule the work with our mechanic. The garage was booked for two and a half weeks so the car sat idle until then. The timing belt was replaced as were the spark plugs, wiring harness, air filters, and water pump. The car still didn’t run right and after 3 more days of diagnostics, that I paid for, the garage decided that the distributor was at fault. I doubted him considering it was brand new. I was wrong. The distributor was manufactured incorrectly and the timing couldn’t be adjusted to allow the engine a proper resting idle. The garage installed a new distributor, but kept the one I bought to allow me a choice. I could give them the one I bought and receive an $80 credit off of my bill when they turned in the core, or return the distributor for a full refund. I ended up rooting through a junkyard for almost 2 hours to find one to turn in.
I then contacted Parts Train to get info for the return and was promptly told that I couldn’t send it back. After explain myself three times and being transferred the same amount of times, I was told that I would receive an email confirming the return and an RMA# for the return. Five days later the email arrived, late as usual. Admittedly, I took about 3 weeks to return the part due to work and a family illness that took me out of town. I sent the part back with the RMA# the first week of December and waited. I was told that it would take up to 4 weeks for a credit, so I waited, and waited. The last week of January I decided to call and was told that I needed the tracking number. The paperwork was missing, so I asked Parts Train to find it using the RMA# or order number. No can do, I had to provide them with the tracking number, period. What are the point of order numbers and RMA#s if you won’t use them! After contacting UPS, who couldn’t help, I finally found the tracking number. I called Parts Train and was told the refund would be posted within three days. This is day one, so we’ll see.
Overall, Parts Train needs serious customer service help. I’ve ordered from them before with no problems at all, however after this debacle, it’ll be hard to want to try again. Every phone call started wit me having to start from the beginning and explain myself to multiple people, some of which had very little practical use of the English language. My repeated requests for a phone call or email from a real person were ignored completely. I could almost understand a shipping mistake, but employees who have no ability to help a customer are pointless and infuriating. I had to call no less than 30 times and wasted hours on people who would just transfer you to someone, who would transfer you to someone who would promise a call that never came.
I am a much laid back individual who doesn’t get upset often. This whole situation has left me flabbergasted. In this time of economic unrest, every company should be trying for any business they can get. Parts Train treated me with such disdain and disrespect that I felt I had to respond to someone. Whether it is to improve Parts Train, or warn others, I hope this letter helps.

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