Parkdean resorts / caravan fees rip off...

Bought a caravan at Southview leisure Park in Skegness, previously operated by Park Resorts. Now Parkdean resorts. The fees have gone up over £1000 in the 3 years I have owned the caravan, now asking £508 a month. I can rent a house for that. Was not told about these huge unjustified fee rises when buying the caravan. I enquired about selling after saying I refused to pay £508 a month and was told they would offer me just £1000 to buy back a caravan I paid £12000 for 3 years ago. They are retailing similar caravans for around £10, 000. Also the caravan is still under finance with around £5000 still owing after being advised to finance over 7 years by sales person at time of purchace. Now been told I cannot sell privately until the finance is settled and they want 15% commission of any private sale. So it will cost me money to get rid of it or I pay the £508 a month until I can find a buyer... Absolute disgrace and entrapment of customers.

Nov 26, 2017

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