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United Kingdom

Last year in january I had an accident and was unable to work due to this. As a result I informed park resorts of this due to not being able to pay my pitch fees. They informed me that I could pay half and then pay the rest monthly. I then managed to get the money to do this but was then told it was too late and the fees had to be paid in full. At this time I was still not working and kept in touch trying to sort the problem out but I was then informed in may by a friend that my caravan had been moved from the pitch it was on. When I went to see about it I found that they had broken into my caravan and removed it. I had quite a few personal belongings outside the caravan which had gone missing and also had my belongings inside the caravan. The manager told me that they had notified me of this but I told him that I had not received anything from them. He then told me that the caravan was being sold the following week. I asked if I could retrieve my belongings to which he said yes. When I got to the caravan everything inside was on the floor and there was quite a bit of damage to both the outside and some of the items inside.
I then left and complained to them and their head office about the way I had been treated but got no reply from their head office. I have now been receiving letters and emails from a debt collection agency saying that I owe nearly £3000. They sent me an email on 8/12/2016 and it clearly states in there that they disconnected my caravan in march and also it shows that they are still saying that I owe for pitch fees for the whole year. I have spoken to them and asked what this debt is for and they told me that it is for items outstanding and does not include pitch fees but in the email from december it clearly states in the invoice that they are still charging me the pitch fees and that the caravan was sold in june. I have asked why I am being charged when it is clearly stated in the invoice that the caravan has been sold. Then yesterday I received another email from them saying that they are prepared to drop the amount by almost £1000 to just under £2000 as I have told them that I am still not working and not receiving any income and am awaiting another operation due to my accident and I am currently moving between friends and family to live due to splitting up with my partner last year. All I want is to solve this matter and cannot see how I owe money when park resorts clearly sold my caravan in june

Jan 12, 2017

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