Email Address: [protected]
Length: 15
Width: 18
Height: 8
Weight: 0.50
Hi There, I need your assistance again in regards to P2G43964525, I believe there was a mistake made.

I have received an email that my parcel weight is actually 5.16 kg instead of 0.5 as declared, however this is impossible. The actual weight is probably even less than declared, most likely approximately 350g !!!
These are some empty cotton bags, and the whole parcel size is approximately 15x18cmx8 cm - so there is no chance this is about volumetric size. The parcel contains 20pcs cotton bags, each bag 15x12cm in size, and weigting approximately 9g each bag. so the bags weight about 180-200g in total, the rest is just the packaging weight - which is not even a box, only a plastic mailing bag. ----The parcel weighted as explained, even less than indicated when booking the label through - and I have paid the amount required on the label. As I am absolutely sure that I have specified the correct size and weight of my parcel, I would like to be provided with proof that support your claim of surcharge.

Thank you
Sorin Constantin

Aug 25, 2017

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