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We got two phones on page plus. Service on one phone the first month was very bad, full of static. Got phone repleaced, better. Second month, even though both phones were activated at the same time and bills should have been due on the same day, one phone was shut off, HUH?

Okay, got pins, reactivated disconnected phone. Third month, went into Cell express in white center, don't get me started on that one, anyway they activated the pins two days before bills were due. One phone, no problem. Second phone went over on data usage by THREE CENTS! So it went to a call by call and text by text even though my daughter hadn't been on the net after we paid the bill! When I called they acted like three cents was the whole bill and suggested I just pay it again.

SERIOUSLY??? If I had and extra forty bucks to pay the bill twice I wouldn't be using crappy page plus! So basically it cost me forty bucks for three days of phone usage! WOW!

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  • Bt
      3rd of May, 2010

    You are right. I am collecting information from others to conduct a federal trade commision complaint and inform the maximum people possible to avoid this company.

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  • Dm
      2nd of Aug, 2010

    Yes, this happened to my son yesterday. I was quite proud of him for paying his bill early (being proactive). He paid 1 day in advance and they started charging him day by day and the representative told him, you would know that you can't pay in advance if you did your homework. Needless to say, he was BAMBOOZLED!!! You wait for a representative forever, 1st sign of scam... no one ever comes to the phone and involuntary hangups after holding for 30 min periods. I mean I can go on but I don't feel like rehashing this madness. It's awful that the economy is so bad that this is what it's come to. The little side store in town is acting oblivious to the whole process. My son, whom I am very proud of for handling this with reasonable and what you would think is common sense questions, wanted to know well why doesn't anyone let you know that you can't pay in advance! if there were others who experienced this why didn't you, the store owner stop me from purchasing it...It's a big headache but I say yes, make sure you file your complaint with the BBB and consumer affairs so at least the warning is out there!

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