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Overnight Prints / Totally dissatisfied with the service!

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I am very dissatisfied with this service. I have referred many people to Overnight Prints, since I am in real estate. Normally, I do not have tight timelines on printing bulk items, however these cards were for my wedding and Overnight Prints has drastically let me and the wedding party down. I have not received a credit yet on my credit card. How could I do business or recommend the company again?

Date ordered: 4/10/2007
Date completed printing: 4/12/2007
Date of 1st Contact with Customer Service: 4/13/2007
Date of 2nd Contact with Customer Service: 4/16/2007
Date of 3rd Contact with Customer Service: 4/17/2007
Date of 4th Contact with Customer Service: 4/18/2007

Customer Service Responses:
Friday, 4/13/2007
CS Rep: Order will ship today.

Monday, 4/16/2007
CS Rep: Order has shipped but we don't have the tracking number yet to update website.

Tuesday, 4/17/2007
CS Rep: Order in shipping department (CS called shipping). Apologized as type of cards is a new product. Offered to overnight ship and said I would receive tomorrow 4/18/2007.

Wednesday, 4/18/2008 (excerpts from chat)
Branden: Turn around time 72 hours. Strangely enough, these have not shipped.
Ken: It has been 195 hours.
Branden: I am aware of this.
Branden: I was notified that these cannot now be located.
Branden: I will send them to reprint and have them shipped out to you with Next Day Air Saver
Ken: So you are saying a week from today?
Branden: Unfortunately, yes I do apologize.
Branden: Can I issue you a discount on a future order?
Ken: At this point I really don't think an apology is enough. I have to check with the bride's maid on what to do.... rsvps are needed to complete bridal shower reservations... calling her now
Branden: I'm offering all that I can sir.
Branden: This is why I am trying to issue a credit for a discount on a future order.
Ken: Anyway to get them here by Friday?
Branden: Unfortunately, we cannot, the turnaround is 72 hours.
Branden: These are printed on a digital press.
Branden: Tuesday is the soonest.
Ken: At this point I have been lied to 3 times... set expectations of others. I truly expect the fastest turn around time and a full credit.
Branden: To receive a full credit on any of our products, we will not be able to ship you the product.
Branden: What I can do is offer you the quickest turnaround possible and a credit on a future order,
Ken: I know you can only do what you can do. Please give me the upper management email address(s). I have to follow up. At this point these cards are worthless.
Ken: Hate to take the heat out on you, but now I have the bride and her maids all over me.
Ken: Provided phone # for management, no response from management.
Ken: Sorry, cancel the order and issue credit. We are going to Kinkos
Branden: Ok
Branden: You want the $85.10 in credit?
Ken: Yes, please.

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  • Al
      26th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Overnight Prints has become one of the worst vendors I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in the course of my 35+ year career. Their quality control, color fidelity, customer "service" and just plain honesty are non-existent. DO NOT USE THIS PRINTER.

  • Ad
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have used Overnight Prints before, and been happy with their service, turn around time and quality of the product... Notice I'm not saying anything about their color... I have had almost a dozen people tell me that they'll go to their order screen and just do a "Re-order" of the previous cards, and the color will be COMPLETELY off...

    Anyway, back to the complaints...

    This time, however, I was not so lucky. I placed an order for business cards and matching magnets. I even had a 20% discount code. I received a confirmation of what I was ordering as well as how much I paid for the order. Today I receive my business cards, but no magnets. When I look up my order, the magnets are no longer listed, nor is the discount.

    I called the customer service department and was basically called a liar, when I mentioned that I ordered the magnets. I kept offering to forward on the order confirmation, but they refused to give their email address. The lady was very snotty and refused to see my side of the issue.

    When she did her math and realized that what she thought I ordered and what I paid for was different, instead of thinking that I might be right, she told me that I was overcharged. No. I was not overcharged. I ordered two products and received a discount. Even after I proved that the shipping and handling would be different had I only ordered business cards, but she just continued to state that I was overcharged, even though all totals backed up my story and negated theirs... It's been very painful... I'm currently on my fourth phone call to them... Been on the phone for almost two hours now with three different people (got the snotty girl again on my third call... But the second time she was VERY nice and VERY helpful, I think partially due to the fact that she started seeing that I had a point, no matter what their records said)... Still no resolution.

    They keep offering to refund me the difference... That's all fine and dandy, but they're still skirting around the issue. I ordered two products and paid for them. I received a confirmation of what I ordered. Their records are completely skewed! How could this even happen? How can I have a confirmation, but they have no record of that even existing???

    Now they don't even know their own pricing! They just gave me a discount on the business cards because they thought they charged me too much! Better believe I'm being honest about it! I paid $39.95 for 500 business cards and $10.00 extra for the rounded corners... How am I to feel confident that they're going to resolve my issue when they can't even read the order and see that it's more money because I added something? Oh man...

    Sad thing is, even IF they rectify this order, I still can't say that I'd ever go through them again! And I had planned on using them for a GREAT DEAL of my products... Their loss!

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