Outsurance, Impact Panelbeater And Mazda Sa / car being to a panelbeater for 90 days and counting

gauteng, South Africa

I bought a new Mazda 3 last year, I got an I was involve on accidenr on the 29 of october 2014... Outsurance approved my claim and my car was sent to impact panelbeater in booysens. Then I was told their is no parts for that car as is new. Then in november impact ordered the parts from mazda and those parts only arrive just before christmas, the panelbeater was closing and they came back to work on 5th january.. I went their and I was told that the are still missing parts and wrong parts were delivered. I don't know who is wrong here. Outsurance for not following what the panelbeater or the panelbeater for wrong parts... What kind of panelbeater ias this??? Ordering parts one by one. Or Mazda for selling cars without parts. Right know I regret buying Mazda. I have being paying insurnace and my monthly instalmenst for 3 month without a car... Then u ask urself " why do we have insurance company"...

This is unacceptable for both companies ( outsurance, Impact panelbeater and Mazda).they keep on blaming each other for this.
Then I conclude both companies are incompetent and they don't care about their customers. I want to sell that car. I don't want drive mazda never again in my life, and I don't recommend anyone to use outsurance their panelbeaters sucks and they are very rude

I want advice on this matter. Can I sell a car when is still under insurance. What should I do. Is almost 4 month without my car. Pleae help

Feb 9, 2015

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