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On December 26, 2016 at approximately 12:10 AM California time I purchased the yeti Tumblr and two different lids for the cup. I have emailed and called about not receiving my yeti Tumblr. I paid $44.48 and it's been almost 3 months that is also 12 weeks and not received a response or my product.
At this point I am assuming the outdoor online company who sold it to me that is their name I took screenshots from the beginning of my purchase to the end of my purchase as evidence as well as my bank statement showing I used my debit card which I have not been refunded for either and I can show that as well. If I do not receive my product or a refund in the next seven days I will be filing my own lawsuit as I see by doing a Google search other people have filed a group lawsuit and said that this was a scam which I will be joining that as well but I will be reporting this to my bank to refund the money, to the police for petty theft, which then with the screenshots, documented emails, documented recorded phone calls on my end, and the banks statement as well as the police report taking this to court for my money and for damages as well as interest and time, along with pain and suffering add it in because I am fully disabled and having to take this to court is a huge inconvenience for me having to actually get out of bed have my caregiver take me to court and prepare all of this I have no problem doing that but it will be added onto the lawsuit unless my item is received in the next seven days. Are use Amazon on a daily basis and I receive some items the very next day and two days at the latest so demanding my item be sent in seven days is generous and far beyond reasonable at this point. It is no longer acceptable to have my money stolen and I've not received the product in 12 weeks. I am sure the outdoor online company doesn't want to turn a $40 order into a several thousand dollar lawsuit and small claims court were in California a lawyer or paralegal is not allowed to defend them just a clerk or staff member and they are researched before they set foot in court when the judge makes everybody go out into the hall and attempt to mediate it before going in front of the judge we research who the person is and their position with the company and if they are found to be of legal, paralegal or lawyer background the judges notified of this fraud and an immediate win for the plaintiff is awarded. Unless this company wants to have this go this far I suggest they make contact immediately by phone to [protected] my cell number of 19 years and in advance notification all calls will be recorded for legal and police reporting purposes or you can email me at [protected] an email of 18 years or an email of 11 years at [protected]
I am fully disabled and protected under all ADA Accommodations as well as the laws it includes from 1976 Acts and foreword, should I need their attorney for fraud and petty theft to get this scam resolved.

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Mar 15, 2017
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  • Watch out! They closed that website and now use!


    And beware - I was also warned some of these counterfeiters are using TOXIC metals in the production of their FAKE Yetis!

    Report to the IC3 (FBI Internet Crimes Bureau) and also the FTC. Also file a report with YETI in Austin [protected]. They are actively pursuing these counterfeiters. Unfortunately, they evidently scam people and then shut down that website and move on to the next one!

    REAL YETI dealers must carry the entire YETI LINE! CALL YETI in Austin to confirm a REAL dealer BEFORE you purchase!

    Check out the other people scammed on! It is horrific! They call them "FETIS". UGH!

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