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I used and subscribed for membership because it was free. Later I found unauthorized charge for $81.93 on my credit card. I don't know why they took my money without permission!

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  • Al
      17th of Jul, 2013

    I just wanted to join for 1 month they charged me $15.99 and it was to be $12.00. Now I am trying to cancell and can not get thru to them.

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  • Pe
      2nd of Aug, 2013

    Sorry to hear that Alice. I would suggest that you use a free dating site such as DATEOLICIOUS.COM

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  • He
      2nd of Aug, 2013

    MARIA NICHOEL Espinoza, MARIA AVERYHARDT, MARIA E AVERYHARDT, MARIA SAVANNHA Espinoza's owner of Mystical Tracers Hispanic Research Firm has many AKAs. it look like her real name is MARIA NICHOEL Espinoza but she used Ms Maria Espinoza to scam everyone out of their hard earn money and everyone said she is in the country illegal. BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER.

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  • Lp
      21st of Aug, 2013

    User Name Flyhighyesterday. & johnhargrover

    I serious doubt you did with Mystical Tracers they only take referral cases on adoption. James Moore aka Jessie Gomez why do you like to open dummy accounts under this site pretending to be other people? Why do you like bashing Jimmy Alverez in NY? Get a life. And if she was here not legally the Feds would have arrested her. God you guys are so childish as bashing Mystical Tracers and Jimmy Alvarez Investigation out of NY. James Moore you have been caught and all these dummy accounts your opening on this form pretending to be other people don't you know we can traces your IPS address? God your so dumb! Your just pissed because you were turned into the feds for wire fraud the money you took from Jimmy Alvarez. James Moore with your dummy e-mail Folks do your math check it out yourself. "we help" [protected]
    Prove your case then we will judge.

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  • He
      4th of Sep, 2013

    I just want to share with the world how my mother was scammed out of $300, 000.00!! And no that is not a misprint!! I am still in shock because I recently uncovered all this information. She was scammed and is currently being scammed by 2 different men on The 1st man is going by the name of John Robertson and he is posing to be a business man from the US and is working overseas. "John" is actually a scammer from Ghana. "John" scammed my mother out of $275, 000.00. My mother refuses to believe that this is a scam and she is in love with someone else now that she has never met. My mother is currently being scammed by another man on the same site going by the name of James Connie. He has taken her for about $30 or $40, 000.00 to date. My mother is now 3 months behind on her morgage, her cable and internet have been off for months, and her electric was suppose to be shut off on Sept 4th. She really believes that this money is a loan to the man she loves and he is going to repay her and they are going to live happily ever after. My mother is about to lose everything she ever worked for...she already has. I dont know how to stop this and could sure use some helpful advice!! There has to be something I can do...I just don't know where to start. Please help. Thank you.

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  • Pi
      18th of Nov, 2015

    I opened a subscription in October 2014. I cancelled it in January 2015 and they kept on charging me every 6 months since. They refuse to give it all back. Thieves plain and simple. Nothing short of theft. Don't be foolish use another dating service.

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  • Re
      3rd of Jan, 2016

    My name is Daniel Craven, Ourtime. com renewed my account without my permission and charged my credit card without asking. They need to refund that amount immediately and cancel my account.

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  • La
      17th of Apr, 2016

    I recently joined OurTime and am finding their site is full of scammers and there are men on the site that I believe are using other males photos and profiles (possibly pulled from Facebook) to scam innocent women. I stupidly fell for one, but cut it off when he requested money. After searching I found he had two Facebook accounts: Kevin Powell Dean & Kevin Craig Dean. His email is [protected] I hope someone will find out who this person really is.

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  • De
      13th of Jun, 2016

    I signed up for this dating site and was sucked into the premium plan and before that 3 month period ended I was contacted by a couple of people from the site and one of them was trying to get money from me. I did not get sucked into this and stopped using this site. My card was charged again even though I closed my account. Still no refund was or has been recieved. I am out 2 payments and I have deleted my PayPal acct so I cannot be charged again. I should be refunded my charged as they were taken without my permission.

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  • De
      4th of Nov, 2017

    I got suckered before I could even contact any woman I liked. I was just setting my account up and before I knew it they had already billed my credit card eight times for a total of $248.29. I only became aware of it when my bank emailed asking me to verify the suspicious charges. It was too late and finally got them to close my account but I am afraid they have my credit card number so I am going to get a replacement. There should be class action lawsuit against these [censor]. If not that the feds better start arresting these "internet terrorists" and sending them to "Gitmo".

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  • Co
      16th of Dec, 2018

    Here's a money scamming guy from Ourtime that is targeting women. Talks a while saying lots of sweet things and then asks for money for an emergency. Anyone who is scammed call out these scammers info so when people search online for their name or email they will find sites like these reporting scams. Too many people get caught up in the it's too good to be true but I want to believe it anyway trap.

    Name he uses to scam women: Kenny Singh

    Email: [protected]

    His pictures stolen from a successsful personal life coach:

    Kept coming up with excuses why he couldn't talk on the phone, video chat etc.
    Those are classic catfish and scammer behaviors.

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