Our Time / the men who are liars, and emotionally ill, and complaints are ignored!

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I've been dating on this site for some time. A man whom I met on the site turned out to be a promiscuous womanizer, a narcissistic liar, and unwilling to be open about his spreading clymidia. I wrote to Our Time about this man after I stopped seeing him, and his phony profile is still there, as is a picture that is at least 20 years younger than his 71 years. I have met professionly succesful men who have exposed obvious mental problems as early as a first date. One proposed to me at the end of our first date, and told family and friends that we were getting married without my knowledge. I told him to seek therapy, but after a month, he called to ask if we could get married now, and outlined a honeymoon that would take me away from my sick mother for a year. When I became frustrated and angry at his presumptions, he became very angry. He lied to try to get me to come to his house. It ended badly. A recent man who I enjoyed dating in the beginning, turned into an obsessive Iranian who was pushing his native land day and night, and spewing hatred for the United States and Israel. I ran from that relationship, and felt confused about ever using Our Time again. Old people are used to their lives as they are, but the dating site does not screen profiles when there are complaints. When someone reports a man spreading an STD that's serious!

Nov 12, 2015

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