SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Otel took my money, but never booked a room for me!

New York, NY, United States
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I booked a hotel using At first glance, everything seamed to be fine. The charged my Debit Card and emailed a booking confirmation as well as my reservation voucher.
The problems started when I arrived at the hotel. They new nothing about my booking with
I immediately contacted about this issue using their live chat. They apologized for the inconvenience and said the would investigate the issue. Unfortunately they also told me that they cannot do more than that at the moment. So I was left on my own. The only thing I could do, was to book another room, this time directly with the hotel. So I had to pay a second time and got a worse room then the one I originally booked.
This was 25 days ago. Since then I try to contact every single day in order to get a refund.
They ignore nearly all my e-mails. When I file a request on there website it takes them at least one week to answer. They don't have a telephone number so I cannot call them. The only we I got in contact with them, was by using their "Live Chat" which most of the time is not working.
If I manage to get through to them, they always apologize, but that's about it. Apart from apologies they first tried to blame someone else for the problem. But most of the time I simple get to here that they have to check with their "supplier" and that they will come back to me as soon as they get a response.
Guess what, they never contacted me back. If I again manage to contact them everything starts from the begin. They tell me that they made no progress and that they only can ask their "supplier" again.

So the facts are:
1. had no problem with taking my money immediately.
2. did not provide any service whatsoever in return for my money.
3. admitted that their "supplier" made a mistake with my booking.
4. still refuses to refund me.

Under this circumstances I have to come to the conclusion that is a well organized scamming operation. I would recommend everyone to stay away from them.

Jul 19, 2016

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