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Hi, I would like to inform you that I bought a bunch of your products from a distributor store inside the Valencia Town Center in Valencia California. Now, the person who sold me these Products persuaded me to by them, saying that eventually it will help me with any wrinkles I may have, any blemishes, ext. I would just like to let you know that so far the only thing these products have done for me is give little rashes on my face that hurt to the touch. The Skincare Specialist who sold me these products is named Benjamin Shimoni. I am greatly disappointed with these products. I spend 8 Thousand Dollars on these products total hoping for good results, and instead I got bad results. I am still using the product with either hope or so I can get down to the local store in Las Vegas where I live and show them what this product did to me, and try to get a refund, and bring my print out credit card transactions with me for both the cards I used so we could pop it back on the card. For 8 Thousand Dollars I expected excellent results, but instead my face is itchy, and it feels rashy. When I walked into that store and after I left I felt like they were being dishonest to me. When I first came in the store the lady that helped me got me to by 2 ointments for about $10 and she scheduled me for a FREE Facial. I thought it was a good deal at that time. When I went to get the free while I was lying on the table and after Benjamin Shimoni who was the Skincare Specialist after he already started working on me stopped, and showed me his products and pressured me into buying them. I told him that I can't afford much which I told them from the beginning. I kind of thought I would be spending up to 1000 dollars for the products, which I didn't mind so much if the products worked. My eyes lit up when he told me that for just each of these different sets of cosmetics would be 1500 dollars each, which brings my total to 3 hundred. I gave him my two credit cards since the amount wouldn't fit on one card, but it seemed that they added extra charges to my card. He pressured me into getting an Electra, which brought my total to 6 Thousand dollars, and when I had already given my credit cars and license and was about to pay and get out he told me that there is a 2000 dollar extra fee for the Platinum, and he still had my cards in his possession. When I told him that I didn't think I had enough on that card, his response was "let me try to run the cards through and see". My only 2 credit cards I own are maxed out, The Products I bought Do Not like my skin, and Christmas is coming. I would rather settle this fare and just go to one of the distribution locations and get a refund or at least a reasonable amount back, since I do realize that bringing this issue to court give Orogold Cosmetics a bad reputation, so if I can help it, I don't want to go to court.

Nov 27, 2018

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