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OroGold Cosmetics / orogold honolulu hilton village store salesperson lied about full refund policy

1 Honolulu, HI, United States Review updated:

Buyers, consumers and shoppers be aware
Stay away from Orogold stores and productss as many of you have been reporting and been taking advantage of these scan artists.

We are a victim of fraud, just like many have reported here and especially the Orogold in Hawaii stores while on vacation and the practically Hawaii Honolulu Hilton Village store.

The sales person lied, misrepresented the refund policies to us, we both asked him about it, prior and again after the sale took place and he lied and lied and completely misinformed us. That is illegal in all states .

The honest to God truth is that we were told, we will have guarantee 30 day full, I say again, FULL money back gurantee refund if the products are returned with 30days, no issues full refund. That is what he said. Now these owners of the store or the managers ignore the fact that their own staff, their own sales person lied and misrepresented these facts and we are out $4000.

They just say, this store does not give refunds. BS, you lied about the refund policy to us, we asked directly and your person lied to us to make sale. On top if that, before the worthless junk of your products that harms many people who had reported was shipped, I tried to reach you guys to discuss option and You Honolulu store owner, never returned my calls directly to discuss and I tried for a week. So we refused the packages and returned them unopened to you back to Hawaii and since late July you are playing games by sandbagging. Now we have no products and out $4K.

You will get exposed, you offered no resolution and you have cheated us and many innocent people. Do not hide behind that stupid sales recepit wording. It means nothing when your staff mislead, misrepresent and told us untrue statements when we asked directly about your store and company full refund policy, and he lied.

When like many we filled a complaint, they come out all humble and act like they care and want to work with us. The fact is, they don't, especially this Honolulu store. They said we got one hour facial treatment, all lies, we were on vacation and we were heading to our preplanned excursion event and we told them we have no time and they kept pushing us, so we were there 12 minutes total and on line lied and said we got 1 hour facial. Please, stop being so damn unreal. They said they explained every product we got. No, that is a lie too. We got this POS device uses Infrared light and a quick 4 min information on a tablet was given to pressure sales the junk to us, said go home and learn about it on the website. Then the sales person lied more about the refund policy to make us feel safe and close the deal knowing that we were going for a ride. So, all the crap they said was not true. A quick under the eye cream, a 7 min stupid device treatment and push push BS and that was it.

Orogold of Honolulu, You owe it to us to fully refund us based on your shoddy business tactics and your salesperson*s lies . Orogold of Hawaii store in Honolulu is a scam, people stay away, and whomever has been harmed and this store please share your information and take action. Others are doing it, make sure you understand what they are doing, they are scruples, unethical and unprofessional lairs who push to make a big sale, then they hit you with No refund policy and restrictions and want you to give up on refund.

Well, because they have harmed many, they will not get away with it, not anymore, there are laws, and they are not above it. Honolulu store, has not offered any response directly since I tried to reach out to the Manager or owner, they have ignored me, they just tell their Corp customer care, no refund, because we are no refund store. Even though it has been discussed with them that their sales person lied to us, I guess that doesn't mean much.

So cheating, omission, lies, misrepresentations of facts, is ok with Orogold corporation and in particular their Honolulu store owners. I gave them so many chances to do the right thing, they still offer me nothing in refund, or resolution and their customer service at the corporate level just said, for my inconvenience, they will give me $500 store credit. Are you F kidding me? I want nothing to do with you thieves. Give my money back, that is what you can do...No thanks,

As others suggested too, we are going to notify all the people who you have harmed and scammed, all the world will know about you, the US watch dogs and consumer groups will know, you will hurt noone anymore. So, you can start by refunding my money. Make it right or be prepared to resolve.

  • OroGold Cosmetics Customer Care's Response, Oct 18, 2018

    Dear Ash Karimi,

    We are contacting you on behalf of OROGOLD Cosmetics.

    Please be aware that OROGOLD stores do have a general no-refund policy and only permits exchanges within 30 days of purchase. This policy is clearly stated on both store receipts, on credit card receipt where the customer signs and on signage at the store register.

    In the interest of good customer service, the OROGOLD store location has agreed to provide 30% partial refund and reship the products back to the customer as an exception to their policy.

    Each OROGOLD store is independently owned/managed and any exceptions to the policy can only be made by the local store management and/or store owner.

    Should you have any additional questions please contact OROGOLD’s Customer Service Department per the information below.

    Thank you.

  • Updated by Justice 2018, Oct 29, 2018

    I agree with you. We need to stop them. People who have been posting here and all, I mean all of us have been scammed, should join foces, instread of just posting and take these shoddy, unethical and scam-artists down. The only way, is passing the world, in socail media to avoid future scams, then take action join forces and against their corporation and individual store try to get our money back, full money back whomever wish to do so as a result of directly beeing lied to and mislead. Then let the goverment agenices in charge know our stories and how the US consumers are being hacked by these [censored] and take them all down or change their operations if they want to do business. No more lies, no more pressure sales. no more shoddy business, no more hiding behind a stupid no refund policy trick and no more taking advantage of consumers. The only way to do this, everyone who filled a real and legit compliant, no matter where, they need to join forces and take action. OROGOLD should be ORO NO MORE!

  • Updated by Justice 2018, Oct 29, 2018

    In response to the OROGOLD "CS" statement on OCT 18th:

    Most likely, this post is from a person named "Inna" (no last name ever given in communications) who comes on line reads these complaints posted by all of us as consumers who have been wronged and posts the SAME nonsense standard scripted wording in their petatic response for screwing us over. I am sure you all have gotten this type of nonsense in response, if you had pushed for your rights as consumer and for requesting or wishing to get your money back due to lies and misrepresentation you had gotten from OROGOLD and their stores across this nation.

    She is their representative of their so called "manufcaturing" and when applicable of course, she disaccosicates herself and OROGOLD company at the corporate level from the "OROGOLD individiual stores" when the heat is on. However sure gets behind the individually ran and owned / managed stores when people like us cross the country been scammed by their store! She posts that standard script in attempt to defuse the consumer's rights by pointing out their nonsense and lies further and you all know this as 100's and 100's of reports have indicated.

    Inna, with no last name, be aware that as I have told you many times for the past two and half MONTHS, and you fail to understand the facts and who gave the same robotic script, be aware as I am sure you are, that your HONOLULU STORE had lied to us, (I have witnesss) to that regarding the explanation with respect to your or their refund policy lies were told to us. First of, back in JULY at least, we saw NO signage, (maybe there is there now due to ours and others complaints) but we saw NOTHING at our visit. But let us be real, it makes no difference legally in our case as you should know when attorneys had advised because we have been a victim of your company's scams as others too had stated in their experience with your so called "individually ran store". Make no mistake and do not ignor this important and valid fact that your sales person(S) had lied to us when we asked TWICE directly about the refund policy, or their store's FULL REFUND policy within the 30-day period.

    Speaking of the sales receipt, we asked about that too, and your representative lied about that and said "you got 30-day money back gurantee and refund if you are not satisified and you will get full refund if you return within the 30-day, because we want you to be fully satisfied and happy with our products", YA RIGHT? Inna, the salesperson, represented your company and if they lie or mislead, or omit facts, that is on you as the company or the store if you will and overall the Orogold ultimately since they sell and push your products.

    Now more and more people are speaking out and most importanly are on to your company's deciptions and it will get worse as your salesteam and stores continue to lie and cheat and basically screw poeple over. So OROGOLD CUSTOMER NON-SERVICE, make no mistake, your script wording in attempt to your defense of policy is a complete waste of time, people know better and you all seem to simply forget a simple but yet a key note here which is, misleading, lying, omission of facts and misrepresentation of facts are illegal.

    Giving us, our full money back is what that HONOLULU STORE should have done and now needs to do and I had been asking from the start, the 30% partial is nothing and especially when the products were refused at delivery back to you guys. Again, you all know this stuff. Also the products are missing in action somewhere at a warehouse exposed to heat and who knows what else for months and now you are hoping to send the old boxes back to us and who knows in what shape or condition it will be and even those products are usable or the device is intact as original.

    Also you know as I told you that my wife was the only reason, the only reason that I somewhat considered that petatic store's so called "act of kindness offer" which I regart due to our consumer's rights being voliated, and not knowing the items condition after being in a warehouse for so long, but she had enough of your company's lies and deciptions and the time wasted and I did not want to stress her further with this as she just wants to be done with you people, but make no mistake, legally a FUll money back is warrented and that is the only way to resolve this case which I am reconsidering as it is a right and ehtical thing to do to protect us and others like us from scam orogold stores. Buyers be aware and when this goes virual and it will, and as your stores scam more consumers, and they will, the OROGOLD will be in deep trouble, the truth is out there!

Oct 17, 2018
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  • Le
      26th of Oct, 2018
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    I am disgusted by the preponderance of dodges and lies being proffered by these scamming companies. "No refund" signs are NOT posted at the registers, and that notice appears on the receipts only after customers have signed for sales at credit card processing machines. Partial refunds are unacceptable, as customers are victims of fraudulent misrepresentation and are, under consumer protection laws and regulations, entitled to full refunds. Several states are now quite interested in prosecuting these companies (as New Zealand did in 2014), and if I were the manager of one of these stores, I would avoid court and send customers full refunds.

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