ORN Trip Factorytrip booked to kuala lumpur in oct 2018 - pathetic service, they have absconded after the initial 25% payment was made

@Vgtf Vinay Dear Mr Vinay

I have booked a holiday with trip factory in October 2018. Initially your travel experts were very sweet and called me up daily till i made the payment. Once the partial payment of 25% was made, they never bothered to look back. I have had concerns with the flights that they had booked and asked them for change of flights as i am travelling with a 3 year old Kid and the lay over time they had given was about 8 hours. Been asking them for an update on this for over 2 months now, there has been no revert. One of the team leads even picked up a fight with me for asking him an update. Extremely unprofessional behaviour from his end. Also we were told that the night tour in Malaysia is included in the package and that he will send me a mail as that has been missed out from the trip itenerary, i have to this date not received that mail of confirmation. All calls/ mails go unanswered. I am really worried as i am traveliing with a small baby. Now i am not sure if i need to cancel and seek a refund or pay and pray that the trip is hazzle free.

I had submitted my passport documents initially, now iv got a mail asking to submit passport and PAN details again.

The travel expert who was handling my trip seems to have left as my mails to her ID are bouncing back, her phone is switched off. The calls to the customer care number are not answered.

We are spending so much on the trip and the least we expect is that the staff is courteous and helpful. Now i have no confidence to pay the rest of the amount. Please let me know how you expect us to trust that we will have a good holiday?

Please let us know what the refund policy is? With this kind of service i am really thinking of cancelling the trip. Please let me know that path forward.

TFN001CLPZG - Booking ID
Awaiting a response on this at the earliest.

Jul 27, 2018

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