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Orkin Pest Control / Heartless management and horrible company to work for!

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I am a past employee of Orkin Pest Control from a few years ago...... If you are considering a career with this company, I urge you to reconsider! While at the interview they make it sound like it's the best job on earth! When in reality it is anything but! If you take a job with this company, be prepared to work VERY LONG HOURS WITH NO COMPENSATION! When I worked there I put in an excess of 55 to 60 hours a week, 6 days a week........

Most people would think, "Well it's a lot of hours, but at least you make alot of money from overtime!" WRONG! They pay you on a production basis, which means you make a percentage of the production you make for the day... Which is a very small percentage! What does this mean??? That's right.... NO OVERTIME PAY WHATSOEVER!!! The company realizes this and takes advantage of their employees because they can legally work their employees 60 hours a week and not have to pay any extra out of their own pocket! Aside from that, the benefits from the job are horrific!!! They do offer Medical, Dental, Life.... etc.... but the coverage is so unbelieveably horrible it's not even worth getting! They do have company vehicles of which you have restricted use, (which means you can only use it for work purposes and that's it!) Which would be fine, except they take out a hefty amount out of Your own pay for using their trucks to do their work!!! If you are caught using it for other purposes other than work, there are hefty consequences! And don't think you can just use it anyway and get away with it..... Nope.... They have GPS units equipped on every vehicle so they know your every move! Any extra expenses required for work (I.E. Cell phone calls [of which they require from you everyday]Tolls, work uniforms, and basically anything else aside from gas, you are required to pay out of your own pocket with no reimbursement from the company.

All this combined with heartless management makes this an all around horrible company to work for! Leaving the company was the smartest decision I've ever made! And if you are considering employment with them, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

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  • Sa
      28th of Aug, 2013
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    I see people on here defending there company, that it changes from region to region. Where i find flexibility in a company nice considering each region has different problems with pest control. be thankful you have a good job, however your fellow orkin employee have the same underlining problem consistent from different regions and shouldn't be ignored. IT'S TIME VS PAY! I worked for maid service that was the same way, actually working very little hours; working your tail off in that short amount of time to get an entire house thoroughly cleaned. Not getting paid for travel time, or gas used for those sites traveling long distances; which took the most time of my day. So here i was having to spend 60+ hours away from home and at the end of the month making $400-600. I know how you feel, and recommend anyone going into this business read these complaints and ask questions about the pay, how they handle there customers, what will you be compensated for and what you will not, before taking the job. NOTHING is worse than realizing your working for slave wages and showing nothing for it. no thank you's, no bonuses, nothing! And then knowing there is nothing you can do about it, because it's better than no money, or the smug on your work history. I really do feel for you guys.

  • Go
      4th of Nov, 2013
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    Hello my husband worked for Orkin west control for 3 years and recently walked away and it was the best decision we could have ever made. When he was hired they feed him a lot of c*** which didn't come to past after he got good and seasoned. He is a very good people person and all his customers loved him they would even by him little things for Christmas or if they had a overflow of vegetables from the garden they would share some with him which really helped a lot considering we have three children to feed. The management at the branch where he worked was very unorganized and unprofessional and rarely did there jobs but expected the techs to do what they were suppose to do. I do understand that people might say that we are in a recession and you are good to have a job but no job is worth risking your health, life, or family values. If you are a single person you might can handle the job for a little while but eventually you will get burned out. The pay is not worth it the stress is not worth it you are better off working for McDonalds or Wal-Mart. I really wish there was some way that we can all bind together to have one voice so we could file a class action lawsuit against this company. If you are a employee for this company right now and you are considering leaving don't hesitate, if would be the best decision you could ever make. :) hope this help someone.

  • Ko
      21st of Apr, 2014
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    Been with the company for 9 years and love it and especially the people I work with. I have worked at 3 different branches in my area and helped train a merging company. I hate to say it, but a lot of you complaining sound like a bunch of screw ups. Nobody has 37 calls, works after 7 p.m. at the most. Plus how are you going to treat in the dark properly?, yes you get paid overtime even on commission salary, and the car take home charge is only 110 a month. Of course you cant take you company truck out anywhere as a personal vehicle and management does not care if you stop at places while in route. Im guessing some of you were driving and doing things that were interfering with you daily work. Dont get me wrong there are some c*** managers out in the Orkin world. Region also helps solve branch problems by having town hall meetings once a year to discuss problems set aside without management. Ive seen the results and im not complainer. Also to the guy complaining about broken equipment technically a lot of it just needs to be fixed due to wear with simple tools use your dam brain lol.

  • Or
      11th of May, 2014
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    I am still going through the training process... Commercial side far this is what i have evaluated my BM is great, helps with whatever I need. I got the truck on the 1st day i arrived for training and I went on a 2 week ride along and from what i learned its the price on the ticket is cut in half for the time it should take you to do the job. For instance $30.00 15mins $100 50mins i believe... commercial side is more fun to me because
    1. there is hardly ever a ticket less than $100 unless it's a gas station or something small like that
    2. lots of exterior only no dealing with people or customers!!!
    3. the hardest part is when you start to do your route you have to figure out which stops to do first!! Some you can do all day, some will want you as early as 5 am its just figuring out who wants you when. But the main problem is callbacks..have to many and you can't get anything done. route manager is cool too if i need help with anything he prefers i call him before anyone else he also does paperwork and helps others finish their routes if they can't finish it. BM pretty much the same way
    5.i got my tools and my uniforms and my bags to carry stuff in yesterday...all free i know because it didn't come out of my check :-)
    6.techs are real friendly too each one said " Hey if you got a problem or if there's any questions please... give one of us a call or the RM so that you get the help you need."

  • El
      25th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I understand many of the complaints on the board but having worked for Orkin at 2 different branches, one mixed, other only commercial, I think I can give a broader evaluation. I currently work for Terminix as an Outside sales/termite inspector. Orkins training was far superior to what I received from Terminix. Not because their training specialist were bad, but because there is not nearly enough time given for the training and OJT is a freaking joke. Orkin puts you with another tech who has been through a class for trainers and who has a reasonable amount of experience. At least for service techs where I was, I don't know about sales people? Some Orkin branches could be tight with giving out chem. That is usually because of pressure from on high for better numbers. You will face stupid crap from ANY and EVERY, large multi-national pest company unless you where recently purchased by one and they haven't had the chance to screw it up yet. I saw good integrity at Orkin with my Branch managers and almost all service managers, even the one I didn't care for wasn't a lair to my knowledge, she was just ready to through anyone under the bus (bigger companies seem to promote that for those who want to climb the ladder). Both Terminix and Orkin have some great people performing the service, (not everybody, but there's always a floater somewhere). The problem is both companies are trying from the top to be merely profit and numbers driven. Corners can be cut to make growth appear numerically, but if you lose focus on service, you will continually be searching for new customers and spending more on advertising/marketing. Terminix is totally that way. So is Orkin to some extent. If you want to be a service tech and make money, it is dependent on your route. Even if you inherit the tightest, sweetest route ever, it takes a certain amount of time to make it yours, win over customers, who'd been service by another tech for possibly years, and deal with new stuff. I was always paid over time when I was a start tech, I did feel a little pressure to under report hours but it was mostly self applied. This stuff about serving 37 stops in a day, and and walking away with $700 bucks at the end of the month, seems out there from what I've seen and experienced. If that happened to me I would have seen it rectified or left quickly. If you don't wanna get pimped, don't let somebody treat you like a Ho. In the end a lot depends on your branch, how the branch manager is and the sale(s) and service manager(s). Where ever you go you should learn as much as you can, cause that's the one thing you can take with you.

  • Dl
      30th of Jan, 2016
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    Everything this person Valerie posted is true. I worked for Orkin off and on for 15 years. I have also worked for mom and pop companies in the pest industry. Overall, this industry is nothing but a huge rip off scam designed to feed off the phobias of people afraid of pests. Sometimes there are genuine pest issues that need to be taken care of, but mostly these companies thrive off forcing people into long term contracts and milking money from them. With Orkin, it is the worse. When I first started with them in the 1990's, they were a good company. But over time, they have developed nonsensical business practices that force technicians to work very long hours with no real compensation. I worked out the wages per hour I worked, and basically I was working close to minimum wage. I had also developed health issues several years ago, and Orkin was not compassionate to my needs nor very accommodating . Their excuse was that I had to be 100% or not work at all. To the person who calls himself "orkinman" and insulted many people on here who have worked for this company and have viable complaints:I have news for you. I chose to go back to college, earn a degree, and am now teaching in the interim while I get certifications to go into forensic work in Law Enforcement. I am not a wimp. You need to go back to school and learn proper grammar or else you will end up as a Walmart greeter, especially since now Orkin institutes audits on technicians and if there are discrepancies, including not properly communicating, you will be fired, like someone I know who worked for the company for 12 years just had happened.

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