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These people have NO idea what a Guarantee is! They use the word but they don't actually guarantee anything! The commercial says that If the customer isn't satisfied they aren't satisfied. BULL!!! Do not waste your money!

I received an initial treatment and a week later more bugs! Had to call for a second treatment 1-2 weeks later, more bugs! I didn't even have an infestation and they couldn't even help me with that. Sad! I saw absolutely NO results! They have a 30 day (so called) guarantee, so they will keep coming back within the 30 days. However if you are still having problems after that, too bad for you! So they don't really guarantee that their treatments will actually get rid of any bugs, they just guarantee that they will come back as many times as needed. Who has time for that? Not to mention that on the first treatment day, I left work early to be home for the 4:00pm appointment, and the bug guy didn't show up until 7:30!!! So irritating!

The guy that actually came to spray was actually quite nice, but he didn't seem to be very knowledgable about the type of bug I was having problems with. Then I called a third time for another treatment and the Lady at the branch office had the nerve to tell me that because I was 1 day past my 30 days, they would come back out as a FAVOR but are really obligated to! Unbelievable!!

When I made the initial call to Orkin, the sales person was talking all this crap about doing everything they can to rid me of the bugs and that they would help me find the source of the problem. Getting someone to help me locate the problem was what I was also hoping the "Expert" would help me do. They don't seem to know too much more than you do. All they focus on is spraying some watered down crap and taking your money. I could have gone to the store and bought some spray myself and done better than the results I got from the so called "Experts".

Save yourself some time and money. Call a local exterminator that has a REAL guarantee on their work!

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      Feb 25, 2011

    It doesn't matter what kind of bugs. Orkin claims to be the "Worlds Best" and should have made that identification for the customer prior to the signing of any contract. As an ex employee of Orkin with 20 years under my belt in this industry I've now learned that Orkin is the worst managed pest control company in the industry. Followed very closely by Terminex.
    If you place a value on the services you receive vs the money you spend, I advise you stay away from either of these 2 companies. All either of them care about is your money. You'll get far better service from a local company who actually cares about you as a customer.

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