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Orchard Bank - Credit Cards / major rip off!

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Orchard Bank -

This company is a major ripoff. I just closed out two accounts with them and they were the only credit card company I paid off that I had to send extra money to pay off completely. I also paid off two Capital Ones and a Juniper card at the same time and they accepted the amount they had posted online, no phone calls needed to zero out my accounts.

Now, Orchard has credited my accounts and owes me money. One card they seem to have handled ok. The other card.... well, they are trying to make me pay a month's interest and I called them today and Dave (real name of the guy I talked to there, no last name given even though I asked repeatedly) said they would refund my $19.32 interest payment. Thieves....

And it would take them 10 days to get me a check. Dave said they were not set up to put money back into my bank account only take money out of it. I did tell him I wanted 20% interest for the 10 days it would take them to get my money back to me. After all, my bank account earns interest although it's only chomp-change and that money could be earning interest instead of costing me money.

Orchard Bank is also the only one that delayed posting my payments for a couple days but not if you pay on a Friday and the payment is due on a Sunday. You will be late as they can only charge you a late fee on Sundays, not post any payments. I have personally called them each month for the last 6 months and had them remove the late fee. Which they did after I ranted at them.

Also, the payment must be paid online before 12pm est to be posted in 2 days or it will take 3 days to post. And as that wasn't true a few months ago, it must be a new rule to steal your money from you. And they also charge you to make a phone payment or a same day payment. Do not even try to mail in a payment, you are just asking for them to charge you a late fee and an interest rate increase.

They also are the only cards I had that were 25% and 30% which is double my capital one cards and triple my juniper interest rates. This rate change came about only after my cards were about maxed out. Gave me a BS story on it and told me they would lower it after a month with no activity, which turned out to be a major LIE!!!

Orchard bank cards are one big con job on the unsuspecting person as they change their rules to suit Orchard Bank and no one else. Grifters...

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  • Gb
      11th of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Orchard, I think you will find is owned by HSBC, they are true con artist, if your problem goes as usual, it has only just begun. Get a lawyer before it's too late. (Read the other posts about HSBC 21 pages).

  • Ba
      11th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    All companies have policies that you should familiarize yourself with. As for employees not giving a last name, get over yourself. There are way too many sick people out there..if you have someones last name you can find out where there live with a map and directions.

  • Ye
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    BANNKER CT.. Sounds like your Christmas bonus is coming from Orchard Bank!! You get over yourself! Unless your one of the thieves (which is apparent) then you would be bothered by such actions. Working class is always targeted by crooks like you!! Thanks Joanna for the info I had recently applied with Orchard thank god I hadn't mailed that paperwork in!!

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