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OptionRally / unable to close account and get my money back

1 Cape Town, South Africa Review updated:

the first complaint is that money was taken out of my credit card without my consent. Because I was assured that I would be making a profit in a short time and I would be able to pay the credit card back before the bank requested my repayment, I didn't push for the funds to be paid back into my card. I did however tell the broker that I was VERY unhappy about that.
I received my first trade a few days after but knew nothing of what was going on. When I tried trading on my own I had a bit of success and then losses. At this point I said I wanted out of this because it was not what I expected. To me it was just a guessing game because I only traded when all three indicators were either call or put. The success rate was below 40% so if I carried on I was going to lose all my money left in the account. I have been trying to withdraw and then close my account for the last month with the only replies being that my withdrawal would be taken care of in the next 48 hrs. So far nothing. This situation is totally unacceptable and is unethical. I have been given the name of a man at cysec who I hope can help me. I have reached the stage that I am going to my bank with all these details and will urge them to make a note of my dealings in the hope that they will put a flag on anyone who wants to deal with optionrally from South Africa. I have been shocked to see how many complaints have been registered on the web. I will be more careful in future who I deal with

Dec 9, 2014
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  • Op
      13th of Dec, 2014
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    OptionRally is absolutely a scam. Be beware! OptionRally doesn’t honour their policy They will give you any excuse to prevent you to make a withdraw. is not a broker, they are professional “thieves”and Liar. Their main job is to organise themselves and steal people’s money. In order to do this, they will find every available means of convincing you to deposit every fund you have with them all in the name of making money with binary Options. And their so call account manager makes commission out of each those deposit. Therefore for your own and your family sake avoid them far as you can.

  • Jo
      9th of Apr, 2015
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    I have opened an account with optionrally about a year ago. Long story short I deposited around R 250 000.00 for my account manager to start trading on my account. After a few months I was not satisfied with the way things were going so I requested to have my money returned to me after I broke just about even with winnings and losses. The next thing another employee of optionrally phoned me up with a "huge opportunity on an oil trade" and promised me that the entire trade would be 100% guaranteed. I then stated to him that he should send me the policy and supporting documents of this BEFORE I would agree to go ahead with the trade. He then phoned me back later that evening with the request to place the trade and I again stated that I had still not received the insurance policy and that I do not wish to continue with the trade until I have. He then went ahead and placed the trades without my consent. Then it was a huge fight back and forth to get the trades reversed before they expire. His superior then phoned me and agreed to pay me out $15000 regardless the outcome of the trades. Fortunately the trades won and my account balance was at around R 472 000.00 . They then paid R 165 000.00 into my account as promised. At a later stage this year I decided that I do not wish to continue trading and requested for the withdrawal of my funds. This was on the 6th of march 2015. I have sent 6 requests and complaints to customer support for my account manager to approve and release the withdrawal but no avail. My account manager simply ignores my e-mails and customer support only promises that they have lodged a complaint and that they would phone me as soon as possible. So this is how optionrally operates, they are very quick to take your money and promise you the world of money but when it comes to withdrawing the funds that YOU HAVE earned they simply ignore ones request. I have got proof of ALL correspondence with regards to e-mails sent and customer complaints but do not know of a regulatory body to lodge my complaint.

    Can anybody help me with this matter?

  • An
      28th of Sep, 2015
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    I have also raised a complain to the option rally team informing them that I will submit a complain with CYSEC which is the governing body in Cyprus and options rally is registered with them. I will wait for 2 more days if they don't reimburse my money I will go to CYSEC.
    I would suggest you to keep all email proof and phone recordings if possible and let optionrally know about this.
    If you are ok..we will jointly raise this with CYSEC.

  • De
      22nd of Sep, 2017
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    @Anthuvanpeter I m from Canada and had the same problem had $35000 in there went down to $20000 . Email them and said i wanted out.They said they give me a better consultend only to put in deeper. I had $14000 in the account and they said if I would send them $8000 they would send me back the 14000 . I told them to take 8000 from my account and they said they couldn't . They closed my account and haven't heard anything more

  • Nd
      31st of Oct, 2015
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    Did you finally got you money back? I have just closed the account with Option Rally and I am still waiting for them to release my money into my bank account.

  • Ck
      10th of Dec, 2015
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    Just want to know if you managed to get your money back from Optionrally as I faced the same problem to withdraw my money. It is good if we can raise the same complaints to CySec to act on it together. Optionrally will try to ignore all your inquiries and complaints. I hope this forum could help those traders who were cheated by their promises.

  • St
      19th of Apr, 2016
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    I made a withdrawal request by 11.04.16 but up until now the transaction is in PENDING status. I've tried to contact but nobody answer my email. My ID is 8034589.

  • Ys
      16th of Nov, 2016
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    option rally, , , stefan de blank, , took R140000, 00 from my account, , , but before this he repeatedly call me, , , 2, , 3 times a day, , he told me i can trust him, , this was last year, , , , since then after he took my money, , i call him or option rally but all you hear is, , he wil call you back, , , i am disapointed, , , R140000 in my life is a lot of money, , i realy trusted Stefan and his team, , my money is still there, , so, , , help me, , , , , , all i ask is give my money back, , , 0826782981 is my cell num, , , anyone that can help

  • Th
      22nd of Mar, 2018
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    Be very careful with this man Stefan. He took from me 120, 000$. This was all my life's savings. He kept on telling me he would call me back. I was lucky to have come across a professional who helped me recover my money from him! I am happy to share my experience. You can reach me on tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com

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