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Complaints & Reviews

false garnishment

I bought the vehicle in 2008 a 2000 Ford explorer trying to get them to fix it keeps doing the samething and I saw the front end was wrecked and they ask me to call my insurance I was like no ur responsible for it not me and they send paperwork to my old address in VA I never received it the reason why cause I live in Florida I told them you have a false judgement cause I never been served and also statute of limitations on this is done and you lied to get a judgement

unethical business practice

Michael Wayne Investment's files a garnishment waiving your right to Homestead Exemption but this isn't in their contract. Along with no abiding by federal and state implied warranty laws. I recommend contacting an attorney to anyone who has or is experiencing issues with this company. My attorney and I submitted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Please contact an attorney!!!

vehicle repossessed in 2010

this company is in total violation of the statute of limitations and are harassing me and taking wages from a 71 year old lady who was unable to work for over 7 and 1/2 years and as soon as they saw i was working they came after me with an outrageous bill and it seems according to my attorney even lied to the courts.. I am proceeding with a lawsuit for not only harassment but their illegal actions and have been advised that they can end up owing me for what they are doing.

automobile purchase

I purchased an PT Cruiser in 2012 I think the car messed up I took it for repair an found the part was zip ties holding it on. I contacted them, was told they was not responsible. This was in Danville Va. I called for them to come pick it up.
Never heard from them got to work today Feb 13, 2019 I have a garnishment from 2013 they set on garnishment till it ran up $5800 some odd dollars, now total $13000 something what I'm being garnished on $7000 note.
Appointment made with Bankruptcy Attorney.
So much for Buy here Pay Here!!

stealing money

I have been in the hospital for 2 and half months. My son had been taking care of my car payments. He got behind and the car was turned off. He made a payment that day which wa...

a account manager

To whom this may concern, I'm making a complaint about the account manager Mrs. Leary. She was very rude while I'm trying to ask her a ? About how she can come at me rude...

Auto Connection Raleigh NC / Michael Wayne InvestmentsCar/payments

I purchased my vehicle September of last yr. My car has been in the shop at least 6 times before I had the car for a full year. Michael Wayne was in no way helpful. All they did was tack on another bill for paying half of the repairs and told me it its not their problem and nothing they can do with the fact I purchased a lemon. I was never notified when my account managers were switched so I never knew who I would be talking to from one day to the next. Worse first time car buying experience ever and this is why I normally buy from a private owner.

customer service

I only went to this place to get a car because I was in a car accident, was not able to go back to my job and perform effectively due to my injuries, and it took 2 years to get my...