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I opened an account on 7th November 2015 with OptionRally to start trading. A few days later an account manager called to ask me to deposit funds into my account. The wanted a start of $500..I said I did not have that money and they said they can make exception for me to start with ZAR 2, 000 (~$125). I deposited the money and started a few low income trades. A few days later, I was called and email by a person who said they would be my broker and help me make good returns in OptionRally... after about two weeks of low trades, the broker called and said there was a big oil trade opportunity for 2 Dec 2015. They asked for my credit card details and convinced me to deposit $3000 for this opportunity. The broker was trying to get more money out of me and I said I do not have more..even the investment was from my credit card. So trades were done by the deal room, and I had no control of input into how many trades were going to be done and for how much...Out of 5 trades, 3 were successful. Broker said we will not withdraw any profits made but they will be traded again in a few days (4 Dec 2015), on a US Farming Employment trade opportunity. Again, I was not made aware of how many trades to be done and of how much. All the money available in my account was traded, again without informing me how much would be traded and all the details before took the dealers 15 minutes for them to trade my account, much later than the live trade webinar had be done. None of the trades were successful and a few days later the broker said that the market went in opposite way, the were not expecting this sudden change. However, during the webinar, I was aware of what trades the lead trader was instructing dealers to place and they were succeeding. I know that my trades were deliberately sabotaged. Many times I tried to contact broker via phone/ email for clarification..and he would not answer. Only when he wanted more money from me did he call. After loosing all my money, the broker again about a month later called to tell me that I can recover all the money lost in another opportunity. I told him, I have no more money to invest and if I cannot make something of the little money left in my account..then I can't deposit anymore. I really hated the way the handled communication and feel I was totally scammed! I have no money to withdraw and only want the trading account to be closed and all my banking information to be removed!! I have sent several emails to broker, account response. Sent now to support as well, we'll see if any response but i doubt it! I never want anything to do with OptionRally!!!

Jan 12, 2016
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  • Ba
      Mar 07, 2016

    Binary options companies are scam!
    It happened to me as well, you should talk to Rebecca at
    She will help you get your money back!

    Good luck!

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