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Opticaltel bought the assets of Florida Fiber Network. We received a letter from Florida Fiber indicating that Opticaltel would be providing our service and would greatly enhance our situation (Florida Fiber had been dropping channels to the point we only had local channels). On January 17th, I arrived at home and had no cable. Called the 800 number I had and they indicated that they were working on it. Called each day after that and was assured it was being working on. Finally received a voicemail on our home phone that Opticaltel would not be serving our area and that we would receive a refund for our January payment. Today (2/1/17) we received a new bill from Opticaltel.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FL Called the 800 number we had and was informed that we would be receiving a refund for January and to throw away the bill. I am not satisfied with this answer. I emailed them the same information and was told to call another number to discuss the billing. I have tried to call that number in the past and cannot get through in a reasonable length of time and the person on the other end could not understand what I was talking about (when the cable wasn't working). They should be able to handle my request via the email, I should not have to call them. The Florida Fiber account number is 78-5173 and their number is [protected]. The Opticaltel account number us [protected] and their number is [protected]. They need to refund the $16.06 I paid for January and stop billing me.

Feb 01, 2017

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