OpinionOutpost / payment not received!?

701 Timpanogos Pkwy, Provo, UT, United States
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Opinion Outpost reluctantly refuses to honor commitments to their members. By engaging in frivolous and illegal conduct toward their members.
By improperly freezing, accounts placing unwarranted holds on members accounts. Alleging members violated policy by submitting two different email addresses when completing surveys. Which is utterly falsehood! And will be proved in a court of law. They have frozen my account over a year. After numerous calls, emails and complaints. They still are in violation of honoring membership policy, I have been awarded loyalty membership badges. I would never violate my membership. I know the rules of membership thoroughly. This is nothing more than circumvention of a civil rights violation. To illegally oppress a hireling in his wages, is a definite and serious civil rights violation. I have became exhausted in dealing with this company Opinion Outpost as well as other survey companies sponsored by
Survey Sampling International that I have completed surveys for!
I was informed by an lawyer that I have recourse to pursue legal action.
If Survey Sampling International deliberately refuses to honor their policy to their members, With that mentioned my next avenue is to inform the State Attorney General's Office and Better Business Bureau where Survey Sampling International is located. Opinion Outpost owes me $30.00 for 303 points acquired!

Oct 20, 2017

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