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Dear sir,
The attached photos refer to a fatal failure that happened to my car and could have ended with a catastrophy if not for God mercy.
My car is an OPEL VECTRA that I bought from your representative in Egypt - Mansour- in Novemenber 2007 and only run for 29000KM, the car is still under Warranty.
While driving on a highway in March 23rd I suddenly couldn't press the break pedal as it turned into stone!!
I Luckily managed to stop the car using both engine and hand breaks till it stopped on the sideway. I drove the car very slowly to the nearest gaz station, where I found that the Servo Valve controlling the break system broke as per the attached photos!!!
I precisely refer to the top flat part( the outlet), the other end was still embeded into the input hose. I called your emergency help center and I allocated the nearest service center at Nasr City. After 2 hours of very slow manouvers I reached the service center. the technical engineers at Mansour confirmed that they have never seen such a failure and had no explaination for it!!!
the attached photos show the broken part - that I had to pay for it by the way- as they refused to admit the this type of failures is covered by the warranty.
the photos show clearly the flat part that was broken, the nozzle remained in the hose. the irregular bottom nozzle showed in the middle picture was broken during the process of extraction from the bottom hose as per their say.
My life is not cheap to be treated with such shallowness. Your car could have ended my life.
I request serious investigation and expect a phone call from a reliable personnel.
Mu mobile is [protected]
email nader.[protected]
use both mails for communication
Nader El sewefi

Opel Vectra
Opel Vectra
Opel Vectra

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  • Mo
      May 11, 2009

    Thanks brother for posting your problem. I was actually thinking between the VW Jetta and the Vectra. I think I would definitely go for the Jetta as I think that VW is more respectable. Thanks again and sorry for your loss

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  • Ya
      Jan 25, 2011

    I had the same problem on 2009 for a Vectra model 2000, 1.6 L engine, Manual Gearbox
    although I'm a very light car user (75, 000 km uptill 2010) i suffered the same problem, and the car guarantee was expired of course, i had the same problem but luckily inside the city, i stopped it the same way using engine and hand brake, called the mechanic who told me that the servo (hydraulic brake assistance system) was broken and i have to replace it, the reason for servo break is claimed to be a heavy vibration that may be due to severe bump !!!

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