Opel Astra Essentia 1.4Service at local dealers

I am the owner of the above mentioned vehicle, about 6 weeks ago i took my vehicle, as always to the dealer for some repairs to be done. The vehicle is a 2006 model with only 21000 km on the clock, it is vertually brand new and all origional. I explained to the mechanic what the problem were that i encountered. He then told me that he will have to put the car on the diagnostic machine. At first, after he had the car on the machine and kept it there for an entire day, i had to phone in and ask why i am not hearing from them, he then told me that he is not sure and need more time, because the machine can not pick up the electronics of the car.I then was told to take the car back the following week, where he will put the car on the machine again. After a whole day spend there, at the end of there day i got a phone call saying that they have bad news and that i must come in. I went there, and was told that the ABS module had to be replaced and that only the parts will cost me R21 000, 00, together with labour it will come up to R28 000, 00.I couldn't believe what i was hearing and their explanations as to why they think it is the problem just didn't add up, so i told them that i will have to come back to them. I contacted my brother the following day, asking for advice, he then told me it is impossible for the car to have the problem that the local dealers is saying. We arranged for my car to go to where my brother is staying, as he will then get a auto electrician and the local dealers to look at the car. Shocking to say the least, the problem was not what the Newcastle mechanic was so adamant about, but something else Long story short, my car was seen by the auto electrician, put on the diagnostic machine, problem identified, parts replaced, all for a tenth of the quote of Newcastle.I am just concerned about what would have happened if Newcastle went ahead and replaced what they believed was the faulty part, and afterwards was proved wrong, who was going to pay for everything.

Jul 11, 2014

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