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Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a less than agreeable experience with the company ontario energy group, based in oakville. It's been a few months now since they came to install their waterless tank. Ever since signing the contract with them, it's been a constant battle. They left us without hot water in minus 20 degree weather in feb. Since then we've had problems with the furnace and all of a sudden no one is accessible at the company. I'm tired of companies offering services to the public (scams) then once a contract is signed they don't return your phone calls and all of a sudden you don't exist. It's been seven months and we don't even have a copy of the contract and our warranty. I'm just wondering what experiences others have had with this company. I know companies change their names and operate under different umbrella's. There needs to be some serious change in laws and regulations. As a consumer I feel i've been left without any rights and no where to turn to.

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  • Zb
      Dec 17, 2010

    I recently used OEG to do a furnace installation and window replacement as well. The guys who did the actually work were great, efficient and professional. However, the followup service was terrible. When the furnace was installed, they were unable to hookup back my humidifier and the salesman said he would send his expert. It took almost 2 months with repeated calls to have the expert come out and get it working. Initially the salesman did a great job of convincing us that we needed to replace our windows. Then we though about it and decided to do only one room instead of the whole house. Glad we did that. The windows look great, but we cannot say that we notice the room being any less cold. We were also told that the windows would be Zone D windows, but they were not. (Zone D are those made for the Great North area). The thing that is really starting to get me annoyed is that I have not received my receipts as yet, and I need these to complete the energy audit to claim my rebates! Almost 2 months now and they still can't seem to mail them out to me despite promises (and they reveived payment immediately)! At the end of it all, I've learnt a valuable lesson in choosing companies and will never recommend OEG to anyone to use. The BBB also has them listed with a F rating.

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  • Ta
      Dec 20, 2010

    I can really sympathize with you, as I myself have yet to receive any receipt and or documentation (not to mention my warranty), and it is close to a year! Which is why I posted my complaint. I'm still waiting!!!I've been emailing the "Operations Manager", Mark Treger. He has yet to provide anything. The only good thing that came out of it, is that I made him put things in writing and email it to me. This is the only solace I've had, otherwise I would have lost my sanity with these people a long time ago. The excuse that I received for the down right incompetent and unprofessional manner in which they conduct their business, has been quite pathetic in my humble opinion. The reason I hadn't received any information was because the company had moved and they were unable to locate the documents. Yeah right! He was going to locate everything and send them to me ASAP...this was August.

    I agree with you in that, the guys that are doing the installation are very efficient and really professional. I don't fault them one bit, they are doing their job to the best of their ability. The follow up at OEG is non existent. I told Mark Treger, that he's running a cash grab business. The sales people come, they do a great job of convincing that you need their product, that their product is the best, that you will be saving in the long run. As soon as you sign on the dotted line, they are very quick about processing payments and taking your money...after they have your money, you might as well not exist! You never hear back from them! I've had to waste my valuable time and compromise my sanity to get these people to do the minimum. It's sad to think that company can pride itself on being barely mediocre. It's a wonder to me how they are still in business. I regret purchasing their product. What I wonder it legal to withhold a contract from someone? Are we not legally entitled to have a copy of the contract and receipt? Can you imagine, all of the people that have been scammed! I can imagine there's a few too many out there.

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  • An
      Jan 07, 2011

    In April Ontario Energy Group installed a new furnace for me, promising to put a high end excellent humidifier on. Turns out what they put on retails for $125 and is an absurd energy-wasting flow-thru type, which throws at least a litre of hot water into the drain every hour and does not raise the house humidity to even 20%. I now have a stand alone humidifier which gets the humidity up to 40%. I have been trying to reach them by phone and email for three weeks, and nobody has returned my calls. This is obviously a totally negligent company which does not respond to complaints after they have ashed the cheque. In fairness, they did send out a technician a month ago, who offered no remedy and said that is the way these flow-thru humidifiers work. For a company that bases its advertising on saving energy, using this type of humidifier this is a gross deception and an environmental atrocity.

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  • Ta
      Jan 14, 2011

    Hi there,

    Again, so sorry to hear that yet another person is being ripped off by this company. I've just today sent another email requesting my copy of the contract, receipt of purchase and extended warranty. I've been requesting this documentation for get this, A YEAR!!! I wish that the public knew about this company and how it operates before handing over their hard earned money, not to mention their trust. The government should have more protection rights for the consumer, we are clearly getting the short end of the stick.

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  • Ga
      Feb 02, 2011

    I am having the same experience. My furnace is struggling to stay on. I serviced the flame sensor and it seemed to fix the issue but after a few hours the same problem. I need some service. I am not sure what kind of warranty can i expect on a furnace that was installed a year ago. I don't have the original documentation as the previous owner installed it but it's fairly new. This is a goodman high efficiency furnace. I called OEB and no one's manning their phone lines.

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  • Ge
      Feb 14, 2011

    Well Ive had no compaints on my new furnace ( modulating )OR new watertank EXCELLENT my gas bill reduced from 249 - $98 in the winter months and my my furnace was only 7 yrs but used an ac motor the new uses a brushless dc motor which uses less hydro along with my new A/C hydro was reduced HUGE from 326 - only 131 the summer my old appliances used so much hydro i was pulling my hair out now hdro prices are going up 3.7 and - 7.3 % I feel really bad for those still dealing with their old. New tech really helps the old was fine 10 yrs ago when utillity prices were so low. And as far as contracts there is none they are purchase agreement showing what you purchased and the amount and warranty is done on line but still get full warranty from OEG for 10 yrs and Sooooo i wounder how many of these blogs are from Direct Energy employees considering DE wanted me to keep my old single stage furnace and 20 yr OLD water tank which DE said was new and the best ( lie ) single stage is only 80% efficient my new is 98% eff and UP to standards DE only wanted to continue to rent old crap to me AND if i got new from DE it was 8000$ at 9.9 % intrest for ONLY the FIST 3 months after that 19.9 N O T H A N K S but i did just fine I was tired of paying a cont rental on somthing i would NEVER own

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  • Ge
      Feb 14, 2011

    OEG There are no payments up front only if you choose to pay that way by cheque and still no payments are made up front like my name says it all get your facs strait. Thanks OEG better than MR FURNACE wanted to sell me some old stock that was out dated for 5600 what a joke p.s mine was under 5000

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  • Ta
      Feb 14, 2011

    Get the facts straight:

    It's nice to see that there's at least 1% of the consumer population that is satisfied with the business practices of the Ontario Energy Group. The issues posted here ARE factual, they are individual cases and experiences with this company. I'm sure your facts are straight because it was YOUR experience with OEG.
    Do yourself and the rest of us a favour, don't diminish our experiences as un factual just because you've experienced a different level of service. Consider yourself lucky!
    Don't you think the rest of us would have wanted the same? Unfortunately we've had to deal with situations beyond our control. If our comments are so un factual, than maybe The Better Business Bureau along with so many other consumers are just saying nonsense for the hell of it. We have nothing better to do than write slander about OEG? Get a grip!

    That FACTS ARE:

    1) Most of us that have posted HAVE HAD ISSUES WITH THE SERVICE AND OR PRODUCT

    My extended warranty can't be purchased on line, as it was promised to me for a botch job done when installing my furnace the first time. My family and I were left for 4 days without hot water in -20 degree weather in the middle of February. I had to call everyday to get someone out to my house to finish the job. No one from this company bothered to realize that a whole family without hot water in the middle of February was an emergency. THIS IS A FACT.
    So getyourfacts straight, just as you are free to speak your mind...I presume that I am also privy to that right...this is a free country, last I checked... right?
    Or do you want to get that fact checked as well?
    We don't have to agree, but you can at least give us the respect and freedom to talk about our experiences without calling us liars.

    P.S: CHeck out the Better Business Bureau ...the fact is that they have an F rating...I called and talked to some one at the BBB. They get many complaints about this company. What we hope to do is have this company better it's business practices so that the rest of us can receive the same stellar service you did.

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  • Br
      May 05, 2011

    I find some comfort in reading these comments as I am also extremely frustrated and been trying to contact OEG since last Oct. Replacement furnance and waterless tank done over Thanksgiving weekend, quality of work was good but I also cannot find copy of my signed contract to review exact details and no-one returns calls. I actually spoke to a human being last Oct who told me it was impossible to get energy rebate if installation took place before Energy Audit, even though that was certainly not what the agent told me, otherwise would certainly not have proceeded. I also found out some other disturbing details on financing. What can we do, any ideas on how to get to speak to someone at OEG and obtain copy of our signed contracts, can we discuss with Energy Ministry?

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  • Ta
      May 06, 2011

    Hi there,

    Again sorry for your experience with this company.
    My advice to you is to place a complaint with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau Canada), that way there are more experiences documented on this company.
    This is the link: (
    If the link does not work, do a google search for Better Business Bureau Canada, click on "for consumers", this will lead you to do a search on the company...enter the company (Ontario Energy Group) a complaint.
    When you place a complaint with the BBB you will be contacted by a mediator. They will also be contacting OEG on your behalf. What I did in addition to placing a complaint was...I emailed the president, Eugene Farber at: [protected], detailing my complaint. I hope the email I provided will show up in the post. It's a long process, but don't give up! I emailed almost Mark Treger the Operations Manager...
    it was tedious but I kept it up...a year and some after...I got my papers!

    Hope this helps!

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  • Ma
      May 22, 2011

    I work for OEG. Make sure you get the salesperson, and their managers contact information. Other than that, they sell good products that save you money. But they arnt really for the environment. They do hire lazy people. But if you are interested in buying anything, they will get you your papers. They will go whatever to make a sale. I have mixed feelings about working for them for sure. As long as I sell products I know will help people out and save money I have a clear conscience, but its really troubling to hear about service issues.

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  • Ma
      May 22, 2011

    There are alot of companies that do scam customers. I think OEG is pretty good. I guess it depends on the amount of information the sales person gives you.

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  • Ge
      May 27, 2011

    OEG have been absolutely terrible with us - their reps told my husband and I, we're retired, that they work for Enbridge and they were replacing hot water tanks on behalf of Enbridge. They did this and then asked my husband to sign a work order that the new tank was installed efficiently - turned out to be a 7 year contract which we got out of - our local paper did a story about us at our request to warn others in our town. People called us and we helped them get out of their contracts and our local radio station also did a story about them. Hopefully OEG will never return to our city but some of the victims we helped called OEG - by then they had learned about the article and they tried to discredit me. I believe I did what I could for residents here and would do it again in a heartbeat. For those who suggest contacting BBB, don't bother - OEG has a "F" rating with them - they don't give a lower rating than that.

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  • Be
      Jun 02, 2011

    Hi, wow reading these posts would trow me off talk with OEG in any way shape or manner. However, my experience is just about the opposite - primarily all good. I contacted them to install a new furnace, tankless water heater and air conditioner. I also contacted 3 other local Hamiilton companies for the same business. The sales pitch was non-pressure. The installation went better than I expected. The furnace/water heater saved me from $500/mo for oil to under $100 for heat and water. I received my rebate when and as expected. The last item is to hook up power to the air conditioner and test it, which could not be done in December. Maybe I have a special way to reach them on the phone or via email. I don't always or usually get thru the first time, but usually the 2nd. My voice mails and emails are always answered. My contract was delivered when the equipment was installed, which really may be the wrong time, but I had no risk until that day. The financing they worked out went thru perfectly. Assuming I can get the air cond hooked up shortly, I would say they have done all they said. I am not expecting to be treated like royalty, but just as a regular customer. I was not promised more and they did not deliver more nor less ... so far. I do believe that there are real problems with some customers, that is reality, and I feel for them. My experience has been all good.

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  • Ma
      Jun 03, 2011

    It's funny reading all these negative comments mostly being pushed by one person on here. I've had a furnace and air conditioner installed by OEG over a year ago. The salesrep was very informative and explained all the benefits of replacing my 15yr old furnace and a/c. I've had a great experience right from the get go, received all my rebates as promised. I dealt with a gentleman name Mark Treger who was extremely polite and helpful. I have referred 2 of my neighbours and my brother to OEG who all had a great experience. When reading these comments make you wonder if the competition is the one posting these silly comments.

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  • We
      Feb 09, 2018

    @marybrown Have you sold your house yet? When you do, you'll discover that you had actually purchased your AC and furnace for about 15 times their MSRP. Simply multiply your monthly payments by 120 months- the term you purchased. My mother purchased a $500 unit for $60/month. When she passed away a year later, we had to pay the buyout cost of almost $7, 000 to take the lien off the house.

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  • Da
      Jun 08, 2011

    A rep from this company walked all the doors on our street, dressed as a construction worker and saying he only needs to verify how efficient our water tank is, and to change it for free as part of an "Ontario" program. He failed to introduce himself as a sales rep. and deceivingly used only the portion of his company name that suited his purpose. When he started saying that my furnace is only 80% efficient I realized that this specialist had no idea what he was talking about. I take it he got out the door a bit shaken. I think such practices are not allowed and I will follow up with the Consumer Office and if you want to cancel a contract with this company you can do it within a certain number of days.

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  • If
      Jun 15, 2011

    lol, if u mean dressing like a construction worker is wearing a reflective vest. i guess u have never heard of safety. nore did u see that the vest says the company name, so much for no id
    when u work to 8-9 pm going back for appointments you have made earlier in the day and are guys are brand spankin new to the job yes we give them a reflect vest, it is also not unusual for us to were work boats seeming we are sometimes in backyards for acs or dirty basements for furnaces and tanks.
    and yes i also wear a measuring tape because some people dont know the square footage of there home sometimes.
    for anyone who would like to see the total of 4 confirmed complaints the company has recieve in its 2 year opperation in direct sales plz vist the better bussiness bureau at...

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  • Dj
      Aug 19, 2011

    We were just contacted by them via phone. Is this allowed? We are on the national Do Not Call list. Aside from that, mum was leary, so she did ask if they were affliliated with Enbridge. Response? "Yes". Followed by "so they know you're doing this?" Response? "Yes". Is this permissible? I should think at the very least they should be fined for calling??

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  • Be
      Aug 26, 2011

    Hey NIAGARA - your experience with Ontario Energy Group seems to have given you a raging hard-on. My only question is, why on Earth would you visit an OEG complaint web-page if your experience was so great with these low life ###? Trolling perhaps?

    The fact of the matter is, not 5 minutes ago I was visited by these liars and they claimed they work on behalf of Enbridge WHICH THEY DO NOT. Say what you want Niagra, I don't trust anyone who lies to me and you are just as dishonest as OEG so that includes you.

    Though I've never fallen prey to these or any other lying scammers my heart goes out to all of you who've come here to share your stories. One might feel embarassed by admitting to falling for these scams but please remember your stories are helping to prevent others from being robbed by these douche bags.

    Please please please always remember, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A DOOR TO DOOR SALES PERSON - EVER. Selling products door to door is the most unprofessional way to do business, so if someone knocks on your door and offers to sell you something, you automatically know that they are worth about as much as the dog poop on your lawn you haven't got around to picking up yet.

    Last but not least Enbridge has released public service announcements, they have written disclaimers on their billing invoices, and have stated on their web site that under no circumstances will they visit your home unless you initiate a service call. If they absolutely have to visit your home for something that could be considered a pressing issue (A gas leak for example) they will always contact you first and set up a time with you and they will also give you the name of the worker who will be visiting.

    After that liar left me property I called Enbridge (My gas supplier) to report the liar's name and telephone number to them - at which point Enbridge re-confirmed with me that they are in no way shape or form affiliated with OEG.Enbridge is a respectable company and like I stated earlier, only douche bags sell products door to door.

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  • Rh
      Aug 27, 2011

    We have had nothing but issues with our tankless water heater. They installed it in the weirdest way, with a hose going across our basement floor up the wall and exiting into a shower stall. We have an exessivley long pvc pipe coming out of the back of our house. The water takes forever to heat up, you must put the water on full blast and if you lessen the pressure at all it will peter off to cold again. It is very difficult to have a comfortable shower! Espescially for the children. They came to check it once 7 months after I badgered them and basically said I was wrong and that it was find and the wait for hot water and cold patches are normal, due to the cold pipes under the ground. What???? Anyway I was speaking to other companies and, no this is not normal. I spent over $8000 on the two units and I just want it to work, can I get a refund or replacement? I would really like to deal with a different company.

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  • Kr
      Oct 05, 2011

    I worked for this company for a little over a week, and every single day on the job i was told I would be fired. I worked as a tele-booker. My job was to book free energy assessments over the phone. On average I booked 7-8 appointments a day. yet I was still told that I wasn't doing good enough. On Friday my boss came up to me and told me he'd listen to my calls and tell me id I'd still have my job by Monday. He never called, and I've been trying to get a hold of him to get my paycheck.

    I've had a couple friend who worked for them and they've had nothing but bad things to say about the company. They were all scammed out of money. My hours were 12-9pm but I was told that I was only payed for 8 of them. Although legally i should be payed for 8.5. Which I am going to demand tomorrow when I walk into their office and demand my check. There is also two employee's there who drink on the job and do drugs on the job. Not installers but tele-bookers. They're also very rude to costumers. I'm going to file a complaint to the ministry of labor next week. I suggest going through a more repertable company for any HVAC equipment. I.e Embrige or Direct energy.

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  • Ca
      Oct 11, 2011

    Have you tried to look up Direct Energy complaints? Every company you look up will always have complaints from customers and other people that may not be customers, but you will also so have satisfied people. Also Enbridge is only a gas company, they don't do HVAC equipment.. They do the billing for many different companies.. i.e Direct Energy, Ontario Energy Group and many others.. People are not properly informed on the way things work, so do not make decisions based on correct information. Sales people at the door aren't bad, you just have to make sure you find out the details first. Home owners have choices when it comes to your water heater, furnaces and AC. especially with the water heaters. Companies are just trying to offer better deals to get your business.. It's beneficial for home owners not scams. It's the same with cell phones or cars, you shop around and find the best deals. You still have to be weary of people as sometimes they will make up information to get a sale. If anyone knocks on your door and says they are with Enbridge they are full of crap. If they tell you Enbridge is only the gas company and does the billing, that's true. Also you should always make sure your not signing into a contract.

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  • No
      Oct 21, 2011

    Yes all companies do get compaints on BBB, but reputable companies dont have a F rating. So since it seems to me that all positive responses are most likely from employees or managers of this business then why even deal with a door "salesmen" or this company? It has been stated, people should do price and warranty comparisons, but no one wants someone coming to their door first misrepresenting themselves and then informed by one of these "salesmen" that they will have more of their people come to your door when you refuse to let them in or deal with them or even telling them you dont want to hear their sales pitch or be bothered for anything their selling. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Although I do give them credit for trying to hustle and make money, but lack of PROFESSIONALISM, deception and poor customer service is most likely why they do have a F rating and a ton of complaints against them. The only way to get these companies to close or to be shut down is to not only make comlaints to the BBB which only informs others, but to make comlaints to your local MP and file complaints with the attorney general. Enough complaints to the MP and attorney general, will take care of this OEG!

    So people please be more aware and more cautious about allowing people that come to your door or calling you on a phone to sell you something especially if they aren't from a reputable or known company that doesnt have a F rating.

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  • Su
      Nov 25, 2011

    Just got a call from someone from this misleading, manipulative group. They imply that somehow they are connected to the government and can therefore get you a government "grant" to upgrade (yet they seem unsure of whether it's the federal or provincial government that will provide the"grant" and keep pushing you to let their "inspector" come to your house.) My impression was very bad. I definitely hung-up with the feeling that dealing with them would NOT be a good idea. Then I checked this and other websites - Bingo - my instincts were correct.

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  • Ey
      Feb 11, 2012

    This is information for people thinking of tankless water heaters, You need to have a water softener or a very good house filter system, do do your homework, no matter who is the salesperson or Company.
    On another note if you do not do your homework on a Companies past performance and service, it is called buyer beware or Educate yourself.

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  • Ja
      Jun 01, 2012

    They came to the door saying there were complaints of carbon monoxide levels in the area. The guy came in and pressed the test button of our detector and it gave off 4 beeps, he said this is dangerous and we should not have anyone in the basement till this is fixed. After scaring my mother, I checked the instructions for the detector and it is supposed to beep 4 times for test.

    Looks like they are running a scam.

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  • Ri
      Jul 24, 2012

    Just had two of these salesreps leave my house. the most unprofessional people I`ve ever met. When I told them I wasn`t interested, and ask them to leave. One of them started to threaten that they`d be back!! Whatever that means.
    I failed to mention I`ve been a commercial HVAC/R technician for the last 20 years, and install all my own home comfort products.
    Very pissed off at them. It's how I found this board.

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  •   Jul 24, 2012

    Reminds me amway.

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  • St
      Sep 23, 2012

    I have to say, so far my experience has been pretty good. What I think everyone needs to remember is the rep who comes to your door usually only knows so much or is only willing to do so much..So a lot of the bad experiences I think are from simple human neglect on the reps side..and that you can get with any company.
    I'm very pleased I got to speak with the rep I did, she was very helpful took her time and went over everything with me. The people who came to do the work were not as able lets say. I did run into a few problems but had them handled quite nicely because of the sales woman, all I had to do was call her. She seemed very customer oriented and really took pride in helping, and im very greatful! Over all, I'd say better than most companies out there in this sort of field!

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  • St
      Sep 23, 2012

    I work for OEG as a sales rep out in the field, and I would like to take a moment to just say for all those who have run into problems with the sales reps I'm very sorry.
    You have to remember, there are lazy, untrustworthy and less than agreeable people out there no matter where they are working. We do our best to train these people and show them how to properly explain things to customers and simple rules to follow..however not everyone does. It does reflect poorly on the company and the rest of the sales reps out there like myself who really do try to do our best to help and make it a beneficial arrangement for everyone.
    It all comes down to the person you are dealing with. You also should remember if there is a problem ( not equipment related) it's partly your fault as well.
    Did you make sure you asked questions? Did you ask them to fully explain everything to you? Did you feel satisfied with their answers? Did you take down a name and number?
    I personally, go over everything with customers twice to make sure everything is well understood and make time to show how things work and answer question. I always leave my name and personal as well as office contact numbers
    Feedback is the only way I know I'm doing my job right, and it's the only way I can fix a problem if it need to tell us as well !
    As for those who are sometimes misleading or less than savory trust me when I say they do not last long. Good reps don't want them around anymore than you do ! They make our jobs harder and feed into the problems this market already has.
    Bottom line, the product statistics are true, if your rep qualifies you properly there really is a huge benefit, service as far as I know is above average for my clients and my aim is to keep on top of that as well as keeping my customer service satisfaction high.
    Bottom line people, please ask us questions ! And if you have an issue or concern voice it ! 99.9% of us DO want to help :)

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  • Up
      Nov 05, 2012

    I will post my experience I had tonight and let those reading judge.
    I had a young man come to my door. He said he was from 'Ontario Energy' and needed to come inside to make sure my furnace and air conditioner met the new efficiency standards. He literally started moving toward my open door as though he was going to walk into my house. I blocked his path, stepped onto the front porch, closed the door behind me. I knew right away he was using aggressive and misleading tactics, and I questioned him about his company and who he represented. He couldn't answer consistently, quickly got flustered and told me I could speak to his Manager. Only then did I notice the man standing at the edge of my property. Knowing full well these people would be going along the street preying on some of my elderly neighbours, I went toward the mystery man and asked him his name. He refused to tell me and actually told me to go back in my house if I wasn't interested. Since I don't take kindly to any bullying, I argued with him a bit. After insulting me a few times he reached around and patted me on the back twice in a mocking / demeaning way. Mr. Mystery no name man didn't realize that touching me equals assault and that I have a brown belt in jiu-jitsu. He was quickly pinned and restrained, I warned him that if he touched me again I would defend myself further and charge him with assault, then i released him. They walked away, the one yelling back that he would 'destroy me'. I quickly went inside to grab my cell phone, called 911, and followed them up the street. They were parked about a block away, got into a white BMW and sped off. Unfortunately i didn't get a complete license plate. Police attended the scene, I gave them a report, they told me to call 911 if I ever spotted them again, I've alerted my neighbours and hopefully these guys were shaken up enough to change a bit.
    In hindsight, the biggest problem I have with these people isn't whether they'll scam me, it is that I know they are just looking for the easy target to prey on. I agree that we are at a point now where no reputable company, charity, or other group should be knocking on doors soliciting anything. No reputable company should be doing it, and 99% no longer do.
    So Ontario Energy Group, in my opinion, is an organization that no one should ever deal with. There is enough convincing evidence online to back up my opinion, they don't even list a location of any kind on their website, and they employ people and practices that are questionable at best.

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  • Tu
      Nov 09, 2012

    Similar to UpsetInToronto, a salesman came to my door, saying that the province's efficiency standards were changing and that they had to check all furnaces/AC and water heaters to ensure they were in compliance with the upcoming changes. I let him in to have a look. He had me believing that my furnace and A/C (10+ years old, but still functional) were going to require upgrading with the new standards. That's an expense I can't afford right now, so I signed on. After reading this board and the BBB profile, I called Enbridge and my hydro company, both of whom said that they are unaware of any such changes that would require me to upgrade. I phoned the next day to cancel my installation and contract. Thank God the Consumer Protection Act that allows you to cancel the contract within 10 days... which might be why they were so anxious to install the equipment this weekend. Too bad for OEG... my equipment is pretty old, so I probably would have signed with them, but I have no desire to be stuck with a company that got my business based on a lie. I am obviously going to be much more cautious about those who arrive at the door.

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  • Cj
      Feb 26, 2013

    Have never bought anything from OEG but a few min ago I had a door to door sales person try to gain entry into my hope to 'check the #s on the pipes' by the furnace! He gave me some song and dance about ' documents having been sent' and he was to be expected. My door has a red sign that reads: NO DOOR TO DOOR SALES PEOPLE PLEASE and he still had the nerve to knock! I was home alone and not about to let an unannounced male visitor in (I was also holding my dog back at the door). When I told him to come back and speak with my husband, and that he should be here soon, he asked me how old my furnace was, I said 2yrs. He said, ok that's all I needed to know, we don't need to look and qui colt acquired off down the street...Does he think I'm an idiot? If that's all you wanted to know, then why did you ask for access to my home first? Thinking of calling the police...

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  • Fa
      Aug 20, 2013

    roy • an hour ago • 0 upvotes −+
    don't ever..ever...let anyone from Ontario Energy Group into your house..or don't even talk to brother just got scammed by this company.a salesman going by the name Mohamed Ozzy Ozman ill advised my brother to replace his 6 yr old furnace, he told him his energy bill will be a lot lower after the change.the opposite was true, his bill doubled.Ozman also told my brother he would take off all third party charges he had on his current embridge never did that. Ozman has refused to answer or return any phone calls. my brother contacted Ontario Energy Group to get help resolving the issue...they told him they can't help. he need to speak to Ozman... Ozman would not return/answer calls.. if you are stupid enough to even consider doing business with Ontario Energy Group call me [protected]) before you do so...i will give you a million reasons why you shouldn't

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  •   Oct 21, 2013

    Hello everyone,
    I work for Ontario Energy Group, and I'd like to say I'm very sorry to hear of any, and all of the less than pleasant situations some of you have run into.
    I'd like to say, each individual agent is responsible for their own customers and how the full interactions from the day they meet you, until 20 years ever long you choose to be associated with them and the company.
    Please, always make sure you have the name, number and office location they work out of so if there is a situation you are better able to get a hold of them to have it fixed. Or, be able to contact the office and have them reached or dealt with.

    We do our very best to weed out, less than expectable agents that use pressure sales tactics, pushy, lie, or do anything else less than reputable. But we need homeowners help as well. We need you, to call in with the agent information and speak with that agents manager.
    As an agency manager, I take any and all complaints very seriously.
    My agents are specifically trained to do things properly. Should a complaint come in, it is logged and handled. I do not allow for fraud, aggressiveness, or underhanded sales tactics.

    I can not speak for everyone, only my side of things and I assure you the company as a whole is not bad. But yes, as in everything there are bad apples.
    We provided homeowners with affordable ways to receive high efficiency equipment, understand their bills and lower them. Understand and remove any extra "problems" on their bills and show them how to keep it off, bills low and be more energy efficient.
    should anyone need any assistance with anything please feel free to contact myself at [protected]
    I will do my best to help you resolve your issues.

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  • Db
      Nov 07, 2013

    These a-holes come to your door and try to make it sound like they were sent there by Enbridge to 'upgrade' something and that's already complete and utter BS. Someone from OEG just came to my door and, as i stood there barefoot and pregnant and after I said I wasn't interested, aggressively tried to convince me they had the right to come into my house and 'perform the upgrade." That alone was enough for me to threaten to call the police. These companies are actually ###. It's not the specific salesperson, it's how the companies make their money by misleading people. You will get a notice in the mail from your actual energy provider should anyone EVER need to come into your home to do anything with regard to your energy. I'm so tired of seeing these scammers walking around my neighbourhood.

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  • Sh
      Jan 11, 2014

    i work for oeg im shadman. if you have problem with something is hard to get threw the phone line most times. so i can give you numbers. lindsay [protected] frank [protected] shop [protected] frank runs the service department nice guy and lindsay runs the shop if you have any problems and cant get ahold of anyone call her. i hope i help

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  • Ca
      Jun 16, 2014
    Ontario Energy Group - Aggressiveness
    Ontario Energy Group

    These two door to door sales people for OEG group come to my house and ring the door bell which was fine but when I get to the door they had already taken it upon themselves to open my door so when I got there they could just start talking to me. I have 3 young boys here and do not find it appropriate for strangers to just come here and open my door to start talking to me. If I choose to talk I will open my door for you.Thank you. Cari Caza

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  • Ro
      Jun 17, 2014

    You should have immediately called OEG to complain, and called the police to report an attempted break-in. These idiots could get shot doing something that stupid, or be charged with robbery, assault, or attempted rape. OEG knows they would share liability in a case like that.

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  • Lo
      Jul 22, 2014

    I purchased a new water heater 2 years ago, on a monthly payment plan. I recently moved and tried numerous time calling them, emailing them. Nobody ever got back to me. I'm still trying to get a hold of them.The fact is, I was stuck buying it out.. at a cost of $1600. I wanted to see about any other options, possibly getting the water tank moved but time ran out...
    I'm out lots of money, the new owners are the winners here getting a new tank. my money flushed down the drain. Please be aware of this, if your planning on moving don't do what I did. As a company you would think they would at least call or email back? possibly offer some assistance. I was pressured into buying it, no idea that it was rent to own. Buyer beware!
    regards, Niagara.

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