Ontario Energy Group / False Advertising

United States

My complaint is on behalf of my parents, this girl name Erikha Gaspar she siad she work for this company she promise my parents that Enbidge Gas will go as LOW as .10 cents and the Toronto Hydro will DROP THREE extra charges that we get, but we called Enbidge and Toronto Hydro and they said those chareges will never be drop and the gas is NEVER going to be at .10 cents like this girl Erikha said, she also promise that she will give us more discounts and she wants to show me somebody else bills but I told her I don't really care what she shows me because anyone could make those papers on their computer and put as Low as that price, I told her we called 3 times to Enbridge and Toronto Hydro and those 3 times they told us the same thing it will never change. Now this company are charging my parents $4, 200.00 because they change company and we took their furnace and A/C out and according to them we broke their contract, but if we look good THEY ARE THE ONES THEY BROKE THEIR CONTRACT AND LIE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. We need help from OUR government and put them OUT THERE... Please help us.

Apr 18, 2013

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