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I recently was interested in ordering concert tickets for a show that was to be performed at the tobin center in san antonio. I google searches "tobin center tickets" the first site that popped up, had a web address of "tobin." leading me to believe that it was the tobin center's ticket sales department. I clicked on it, and it offered tickets to the show I was interested in attending. The cheapest tickets I could find, were, $116.00 each and the seats were in the balcony. I purchased them, but then my wife told me that she thought she had seen them advertised cheaper. I went back to the website and saw "onlinecitytickets", they weren't affiliated with the tobin center at all. I started looking at other sites, then finally found the legitimate tobin center site. Those same tickets were $40 each. This website is a scam, stay away, they marked these tickets up, by over half the original price. The show isn't even sold out and the seats they listed as unavailable, are available. I tried to get a refund, but there are no live people that you can talk to and they do not respond to emails. I ended up spending $300 after service and delivery fees that they tack on, for tickets I could have got for $80. This website is a total scam.

Online City Tickets
Online City Tickets
Online City Tickets

  • Updated by Steve 1465, Apr 24, 2017

    My bank is following up on a fraud case against them. You should contact your bank and advise them of these scammers.

Mar 21, 2017
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      Apr 24, 2017

    Yes, we were ripped off big time. Received tickets through e mail. Said ticket price, 25.00 each. Total $50.00. Name on tickets did not match my name, so when I called about price I thought they made mistake. Also, showed the tickets coming from a different source, so they had no record of my name. Total mess. When we contacted onlinecitytickets, we were told this is the way they do it. They order cheap tickets in a reps name and then triple the price. We were charged$375.00 for the fifty dollar tickets.

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