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OMG Travel / I felt cheated and mistreated with OMG Travel

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I had the worst experience when I rented through OMG Travel.
The property was found through publication, a site I consider safe and reliable. I’m a recurrent user of HomeAway.
The company who rents the property is OMG Travel (
I decided to rent a property, according the publication and mainly because of the beautiful published pictures.
We hire the property on 2014/09/19, several months in advance of our arrival (April 2015), paying the full amount in advance, plus WIFI and Parking.
At reservation confirmation time, we were informed that check in instructions will be emailed 5 days prior to our arrival.
Having reached that moment and receiving nothing, we asked for check in information by phone. After more or less 10 unsuccessful calls, the person (man) who answered told us that they had problems with the property that we had already rented and we were reassigned to another one. All of this without prior consultation with us, nor our agreement. He told us that the original property has serious plumbing and electrical problems, rendering the house not habitable.
By our request, OMG then sent us photos of the claimed to be the new property. Both houses were substantially different, but photos showed a nice property.
Just 30 minutes before our departure to the property (8 hour trip), I was told that I must email a photo of my credit card and ID. Otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the property. As you may know, sending credit card information by email is extremely unsafe. OMG claimed that they need the credit card as a “Warranty” for damages, because I had fully paid the rental.
Having no other choice, when I sent credit card and ID, I was told that they don’t forward check-in instructions by email. That I had to pick then in OMG’s Los Angeles Office. When I asked why, told me that they work in that way and if I wouldn’t do that, I won’t be able to enter the property.
When I arrived OMG’s office, there was nobody, even though I arrived before 6 pm (their working time), and found a joke picture about their working schedule.
Found the keys in a lockbox and went to check the new property (not the one I’ve reserved).
Once in the property, I had a very bad surprise: it was dirty, smelly, deteriorated and poorly equipped. I had no Internet access, even though I was charged for that, and had free parking (again, I was charged for parking). I decided not to stay in such conditions and went to a hotel. Pictures were completely different from actual property.
I returned they key to the lockbox and left a note clearly stating that I don’t accept the property change and demanding a full refund.
Again, there was no one in the office. No one answered me phone calls, nor my emails. I stated a post in OMG’s ticketing systems informed them that I don’t accept the change. No answer.
On top of that, within the next 2 days, OMG charged the “Warranty” credit card with $120 + $169. Don’t know why.
At all times the agent with who I was claiming was impolite and didn’t have the will for solving my issues.
This was a SCAM ! I felt cheated and mistreated with OMG Travel. I need some help to know how I can get a refund.

May 3, 2015

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