Olshan Foundation Cable Lock System / Don't stand behind warranty

AL, United States

I have contacted the office several times and have requested that the seven pilings Olshan placed under my home be checked and manipulated as needed since I have sheet rock pulling away from the wall above where several pilings were put in several years ago.

Someone did come by. He did not do any measurements nor did he look at the sheet rock issue, but told me I needed 6-10 more pilings (at $1100 each). That was a couple of months ago. I requested a quote for 3 new pilings but received a quote for 5 or 6 (don't remember) and I asked for a new quote with the 3 we had agreed on. I never received this new quote.

I ended up going with a new organization since I couldn't seem to get a good response form Olshan. I still want the old pilings measured and tested to ensure they are doing a proper job since I have new issues with the sheet rock. I was informed in a not so nice way, that someone would get in touch with me within a couple of days to set up the appt but there was no way anyone would be out to look into the pilings for several months. It has been a month and I'm still waiting for someone to contact me.

I must admit that I am very disappointed in the organization and the customer service I have received. I called Olshan first because that was who had done my previous 7 pilings. Now I wish I had used a different company to begin with.

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