Ohio Unemployment / disrespect

OH, United States

Ohio unemployment request for a DD214 form 4 was never specifically requested. So I provided a DD214 form 1 since that is what the military advised me to provide anyone besides the VA who request a DD214. A supervisor at the special claims department was very rude when I requested my claim be reviewed exponentially. due to this confusion. She would not let me finish any statement until I got rude and asked her how she even could know what my argument was when she wouldn't let me finish a sentence without interrupting and speaking over me. Both the people I spoke to today about 1200 on 21Mar2013 were rude and completely disrespectful. They were not helpful at all and didn't care that their system of doing thing is slower than the VA!!! Considering the VA handles every prior service member and the Ohio unemployment only handles about 1/50 of those members, why are they so much slower to process and harder to deal with? As a person I deserve more respect that what both of them provided... let alone being a combat vet that fought for their freedom!

Mar 21, 2013

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